Have beautiful eyebrow with this beauty tips

The thick and soft hair layer is called the eyebrow in the shape of the bow above the eyes. Eyebrows work to stop sweating, dust, water and unwanted things from falling into the eyes. Eyebrows also keep eyes moisturizing.

The eyes determine the thought of the mind on your face and its facial expression from eyebrows. Both male and female do eyebrow make up to enhance the beauty of the eyes.

The role of eyebrows in the beauty of the face is important. For this, it brings out the hair with no eyebrows, no threading, no piercing. Women pay more attention to the eyebrows make-up. Most often the waxing and trimming of the eyebrows are done once a month.

Makeup Tips

Waxing is the most common way to give shape to brow hair. Many women also change the color of eyebrows. Sometimes the location of the brow is also replaced by cosmetic surgery to give correct shape to the eyebrow. Waxing, threading, and electronizing twizzing are the common ways of changing the shape of the brow and make eyebrow’s makeup. The brow is made thin by means of a trigger.

Do threading for removing hair from the eyebrow and shaping it. All the process of removing hair from the eyebrows and giving shape to them is very painful.

  • By shaping your eyebrows, your eyes can look beautiful and sexy.
  • If your eyebrows are thick and full, then you can dilute by threading them and give it any shape.
  • You can make your eyebrow thick and large by filling it with the help of a pencil if your eyebrows are thin and small.
  • If your eyebrows are sensitive, you should use snow to numb the area of brow before threading.

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Beauty Tips

  • Put the Castor (Arandi) oil regularly on the eyebrow.
  • Applying petroleum jelly or Vaseline on eyebrow keeps moisture in the brow.
  • You can make brow thick after applying Vaseline.
  • By applying coconut oil on the eyebrows, the hair of the brow grows fast and their shape becomes well.
  • Apply olive oil on the eyebrow’s hair to get a thick eyebrow.

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