An upcoming beauty Ileana d Cruz diet and workout regime keeps her fit and in shape. born on 1 November 1987, Ileana d Cruz has appeared in Telegu films as well as Bollywood films. She played Brilliantly in  PokiriJalsaKickJulayi. Her first Bollywood movie was Barfi against Ranveer Kapoor. She even showed her skills in the movie “Rustom “.

Her body mass is:

Weight: 56 kg or 123.5 pounds
Height: 5 ft 5 inches or 165 cmIleana d Cruz diet

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Proper nutrition and diet :

For a better metabolism and to stay fir Illeana d Cruz diet include the proper nutrition is required that can be gained through proper diet.Her diet plan includes meals on four different time of a day.

Her diet Always includes food high in protein and regularly have a lot of vegetables in form of salad.

  • Breakfast: For breakfast, a fruit juice followed by two slices of whole wheat bread and two poached eggs fills the breakfast.
  • Lunch: a lunch is always incomplete without veggies and chapati. So 2 chapatis with vegetable and dal and if non-vegetable then it would be chicken.
  • Dinner: Dinner is again the follow up of lunch. either fish or chicken in the non-veg section along with chapattis and veggies full.
  • Drinking coconut water is also part of her Illeana d Cruz diet. She loves eating sweets but in a limited formIleana d Cruz dietAlso, Check. keto weight loss 

Health is wealth:

Illeana is among the fittest Bollywood actresses. Illeana d Cruz Diet and workout help her follow heavy and various exercise every day.Ileana does lots of pilates. She goes for twice in a week for swimming.

  • She does various physical activities and her interests help her complete her exercises.
  • She also enjoys Skipping
  • Running near the beach
  • DAncing to relieve stress by maintaining her physical fitness.
  • Illeana is keen on practicing yoga to keep her calm and  Pranayam and breathing-related exercise to keep her relaxed.
  • Butterfly and backstroke, alternating between her breasts, inner thighs, buttocks and shoulders(100 reps).
  • Slow jogging between sprints.
  • Slow walking in the night to burn the excessive calories.
  • Run for four kilometers.Ileana d Cruz diet

The sensational pear-shaped Ileana d Cruz diet and workout helps her stay energetic and fit whole day long. She is unable to perform exercises that give stress to the knee. since she has already suffered a leg injury.

Her key to staying happy is that she believes in maintaining the balance between life and work. Because that’s the only way to lead a happy and a peaceful life.

  • Clothes that Illeana Prefer: Illeana does not believe in body shaming, so she prefers and also advises to have a proper fitness notion. She always prefers formal clothes.
  • For her skin care, she drinks plenty of water.
  • Since her skin is sensitive she avoids experimenting with her skin.But do keep to cleanse and moisturize it
  • For maintenance of her skin, she visits the spa and pampers herself.