Most of the wedding ceremony happens in the winter season. In this way, you get tension. How will you be ready? What will happen to your style? Because if you take a slight negligence you may get too sick.

In India, we consider winter time to be best for weddings. In this way, your beauty becomes one edge and you have to do everything possible to save from the winter cold. Understanding your confusion, today we are going to tell you how to prepare for weddings during winter and wear the dress. So that you do not have to suffer from cold and maintain fashion too.

Best Winter Weddings Dress for girls

1. Sharara Suit

Winter Weddings Dress for girls

Sharara Suit is a traditional dress which has wide salwar and small kurta and scarf. If you wear this dress in winter, you will feel less cold. You can also enhance your look while attending a wedding. But keep in mind that you wear a suit with Velvet or even embroidery.

2. Anarkali suit for winter weddings

Winter Weddings Dress for girls

If you do not like to show off much, then Anarkali is the best option. Wear heavy Anarkali suits, the arms are also full and there is a complete cover till the bottom. Anyway, all girls must keep an Anarkali suit in their wardrobes.

3. Jacket over saree

Winter Weddings Dress for girls

This style is unique and has just come in trend recently. You wear jackets above any saree. Just keep in mind that your jacket should be matched by all of your sarees.

4. Uncropped Lehanga

Winter Weddings Dress for girls

The brassiere of ordinary lehenga is small but some lehenga’s brassiere is long. If there is a shirt, then it is called as Uncropped Lehanga. You can wear this lehenga on any one day during the winter wedding day. In this lehenga, the feet are covered due to the prolonged lehanga. There will not be any cold in the bottom as well as upper body.

5. Pathani Suit

Winter Weddings Dress for girls

During the wedding days for girls, that too during the winter, the Pathani Suit is the best option. The pathani suits are heavy and full. This dress covers every part of the body so that you feel less cold and the styling also remains.

You can find all of the suits or designs mentioned above easily at any store or shop. If you want, you can design them with your tailor or designer too. Follow the latest fashion trends with us. Thank You for reading.


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