Commonwealth Games: Saina Nehwal Workout Routine For GoldSaina Nehwal Workout Routine

After winning Commonwealth games 2018 Sania Nehwal proved her love for Badminton. A true winner Saina fetched gold by defeating P.V Sindhu, an Indian Badminton player. Saina Nehwal Workout Routine and daily diet plan for her matches have taken out the best in her.

It’s always your parents who help you out throughout your life, so did Saina Nehwal admits of her father who kept her motivated throughout life.

Saina Nehwal bio shows all her dedication and hard work also her love for the badminton that helped her achieve the CommonWealth Games 2018, a gold.

It is true outdoor games are another form of exercise but if that game becomes your career than the amount of time you need to deliver for that game does not come under fitness activity.

Saina’s passion for Badminton asks her to practice 7-8 hours daily which require a lot of muscle strength in order to practice actively.

Saina Nehwal workout Routine is focused on the leg muscle strength. The stronger the leg muscle strength the more actively you play.

Commonwealth Games 2018: Saina Nehwal Workout Routine For Gold

Saina Nehwal Workout Routine consists of Cardio exercise and Weight Training.

Her workout regime is as follows;

  • Military Presses: Nehwal strengthens her shoulder muscles and upper body with military presses, which in turn pumps up her racket holding stamina during a game.
  • Lateral Pull Downs: the coordination between the muscles of your upper body makes your arms, chest, and back stronger with lateral pull downs.
  • Heel/Calf Raises:  relaxes the calf muscles thereby reducing the chances of any injury. This heel/calf raises in routine also tones the calves, making them stronger.
  • Dumbbell Pullovers: to strengthen the chest and the back muscles dumbbell pullovers is the best exercise.
  • Rowing:  for shedding off excess pounds and toning the muscles. Also to improve overall physical and mental fitness level in the allotted time, rowing is most noteworthy exercise to follow.

Match duration of badminton is almost 60 mins. But in these 60 minutes, your leg muscles get a lot of exercise like hopping, jumping and running. For such exercise, you need stronger leg muscles. Weight training helps improves the muscle strength of the legs.

Commonwealth Games: Saina Nehwal Workout Routine For GoldSaina Nehwal Workout Routine

The Gold medalist in the commonwealth games 2018, Saine has followed the workout routine above. Yet being the most active and trending Saina also follows a strict diet plan to stay fit and full of appetite.

Saina Nehwal Diet Plan follows a certain routine:

  • First of all getting up early is a good way to start the day. Saina gets up at 6 in the morning.
  • Eggwhites with brown bread for the breakfast followed by the milk pre-training and the protein shake post-training.
  • Practice badminton  from 7-11 AM
  • Lunch is filled with vegetables, dal and two chapatis along with lassi.
  • Also, followed by protein shake after training.
  • Back to training from 3.30-7 PM
  • Dinner is followed by the one chapati, aloo capsicum vegetable or aloo gobhi vegetable. Basically, any vegetable comprising potato.
  • For extra hunger fruits and fruit chart is the ultimate option.
  • Sunday is a cheat day, no healthy or diet food. Food with spices like paneer butter masala, parathas or naan is served on the plate.
  • For a sweet tooth, Jaggery is a good substitute for sugar.
  • Also, you can try sweets made with herbal sweeteners (Stevia)

Tips for a healthy diet :

  • Try to eliminate white bread or refined flour rather use red rice, whole wheat flour, ragi balls.
  • Intake of carbohydrates should be before 7.30.
  • Try to have protein-rich diet in your daily diet regime.
  • If you eat eggs, try to consume egg whites more for a healthier option.

Also, search how Saina Nehwal Workout and Diet works on her body. How many Dumbbell Pullovers she follows with the Military Presses and Rowing along with lateral Pull-ups.