Diwali is the huge and primary festival for every Hindu, it is enjoyed by every culture and tradition around the world. It is a festival of lighting the lights into everyone’s life. Nowadays, this festival is all of making unnecessary bold noise of crackers. Various kids around our society or locality burns crackers (Patakha) before the festivals starts. They starts playing with crackers which is dangerous for them with no proper guidance. And that is the main reason for various misfortunes such as cracker burns. So, don’t play with crackers this year and bring happiness to your life.

When such firecracker burns happen, everyone think of home remedies, which will help soothe and heal the affected area immediately. There are several antiseptic creams available in the market too. But we are writing some best home remedies to help you this Diwali. 

Most of the times, a fire cracker causes only a minor burn. The only damage is on the top layer of the skin, making the area red and painful, burns slowly develops to water blisters. To avoid such blisters, here are some soothing tips.

Cracker burn

Cracker Burn Tips and safety measures

Cold water

One of the most common way to treat burn is to soak the affected area immediately to the ice cold water. Keep one thing in mind, do not use ice directly to the affected area, as it will restrict blood flow. This method will relieve your pain within few hours.


Skimmed milk is good to soothe the burnt skin. It is a natural remedy to treat your burn. Pour your affected skin to the cold milk.


It is a known fact that raw potato can be used as treating skin burns and on itching skin. Raw potato will help you in controlling any irritation around the wound. Use this method to soothe your burnt skin this Diwali.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a good medicine to treat burn such as fire cracker burns. It has some soothing properties which reduces the chances of forming blisters and burn pain. First of all, rinse the area with cold water, then apply the gel of aloe vera directly to the affected skin. It will be cure within a day.

Coconut oil

Vitamin E and fatty acids like lauric acid, myristic acid and capric acid which offer anti-fungal, anti-oxidising and anti-bacterial properties in Coconut oil. It is easiest method to treat your burnt skin. Apply directly to the skin, rub slowly if tolerable.

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