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Globally, it is believed that Indian food is spicy, oily and not easy to digest. But is it true? We take a look at some well known and delicious recipes which are delicious and also good for your health. For this, you have to keep a few things in mind, such as more fried, roasted and spicy food should be avoided. Let’s list out some best Indian Foods for low-calorie intake.

Add these foods to Low-Calorie Intake

1. Buttermilk

We can eat this delicious and thick dairy product after any dish to digest easily. Moreover, family members like it too.

Calorie content: 30 calories per glass

2. Ragi Dosa

This is a popular South Indian dish that is not made from ragi and is made from rice. Additionally,  dosa is also the most preferred food item in Southern India.

Calorie content: 87 calories per Dosa

3. Idli of oats

If there is Idli in the morning breakfast, then I think it is one of the healthiest breakfast that we have. It also comes from South India. The taste of Idli will be more delicious if it is eaten with the hot sambhar dal. And if you put the health in your mind then make idli of oats.

Calorie content: 26 calories per idli

4. Mix Vegetable Curry

Mix vegetable curry is a delicious dish, which is prepared in less than a spoon of oil.

Calorie content: 95 calories for 100gms

5. Raita

Although Raita of cucumber is a great food for the digestive system. Also contains a resourceful enzyme in raita’s curd.

Calorie content: 38 calories in a small bowl

6. Palak paneer

As spinach contains a lot of iron and the paneer is a healthy dairy product. So, Palak Paneer is the most liked dish between vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Calorie content: 189 calories each bowl

7. Dhokla

Dhokla is a Gujarati dish. It is cooked by steaming fermented gram flour.

Calories: 22 calories per piece

8. Sprouted salad

Sprouted food is good for health. In this, add lemon juice and nuts full of spices and eat it, you will not get healthy food like this. Read low calorie recipes here.

Calories: 93 grams per 100 gram

9. Rasam

As you know, there are many flavors of spices in South Indian dishes. So, put some chopped vegetables with some spices. That’s it! you have prepared a great dish.

Calorie content: 60 calories in a small bowl

10. Lemon rice

No need for spices and oil, just a small piece of lemon and rice prepared.

Caloric intake: 185 calories

11. Papad

You can compress Papad without oil in hot oil or microwave. The microwave-cooked papad is oil free and it is also good for your health.

Calorie content: 52 calories per papad

12. Tandoori Roti

Tandoori roti prepared entirely with wheat is a delicious dish. It is cooked in clay tandoori. If you eat Indian curries and tandoori chicken together, then you find a new flavor in the food.

Calorie content: 102 calories per tandoori roti

13. Tandoori chicken

We like Tandoori chicken as Indian cuisine. There are lots of people who like this dish around the world.

Calorie content: 273 calories per piece

14. Fish curry

India is surrounded by sea on three sides, due to which we get the good quantity of fish. Hence, cook it with light spices and low oil.

Calorie content: 323 calories for a small bowl

15. Chicken tikka

This dish is quite famous among foreigners. And it does not need any explanation. This is definitely better than Chicken Tikka Masala.

Calorie content: 273 calories per plate

Bonus – Plain dal & rice

Every Indian like ordinary dal and rice, it is one of the healthy and easy to prepare foods.

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