Played a negative character in movie “Pink”, also worked with Angad Bedi in the movie “Tiger Zinda Hai”. Angad Bedi workout routine and diet has given him perfect muscular torso. His upcoming movie is “Soorma“.

Angad Bedi workout and diet for “Soorma”. The movie is about two brothers Sandeep Singh(Diljit Dosanjh) and Vikramjit Singh( Angad Bedi) where Sandeep makes a comeback in the hockey whereas Vikramjit supports him financially.

The Real Story of The hockey Player Sandeep has been well showcased by the famous Punjabi Singer Diljit Dosanjh. The physical and mental support to reform the old Sandeep back into hockey after got abandoned by everybody who followed his work after a paralysis.

Vikramjit plays an important role in building strength and encouragement in Sandeep again.

Watching the trailer shows the movie would be a massive hit and a must watch the movie where these two have given there best to fit in the character. Angad Bedi workout routine

The movie “Soorma” is to be scheduled for June 29, 2018. Angad Bedi is also working for a series named “Inside Edge2 and 3”

Soorma: Angad Bedi workout routine and diet

Angad Bedi workout routine and diet changes according to his role. An emerging star keeps himself fit and active through sports. Being a son of a former cricketer Bishan Singh Bedi loves cricket. His fitness mantra is “A man should look like a man”.

 Angad Bedi workout routine

Tractor tire 250-lb, flipping for the utmost strength

Angad Bedi Workout routine:

  • Angad Bedi under the supervision of our trainer Herman exhibits the threading the needle move.
  • A balance between weight training and good exercise pattern helps to build mental stamina and a good physique.
  • The goal is to train for functional strength and muscle density.
  • Once you have internal strength and a strong core, you are fit.
  • Angad Bedi workout routine does not prefer body doubling. He prefers to be fit more likely.
  • Training of chest and arms is preferred.
  • Angad workout routine is incomplete with the leg training, which he practices every day.
  • Lifts even a 2.5-pound dumbbell (20 reps).
  • Enjoy activities on the field like running, circuit training or even playing basketball or football.
  • For the role played in the movie” Tiger Zinda Hai Angad Bedi workout routine was taken care under the supervision of Angad Bedi.
  • Angad Bedi learned kick-boxing for the movie, which also helps build the muscle strength of the arms.
  • He also learned martial arts by a specialized trainer for the movie” tiger Zinda Hai“.

     Angad Bedi workout routine

    Gym workout for “Tiger Zinda Hai”

Soorma: Angad Bedi workout routine and diet

Angad Bedi Diet:

  • Angad Bedi is a strong believer in staying fit rather being bulky.
  • Try different eating patterns, also make sure that you keep counting on your calories. It is not necessary to follow the same routine in the diet.
  • The food you eat smartly by calculating your macros is the best way to stay fit.
  • Angad Bedi workout routine and diet does not follow a special pattern. But prefers to stay natural.
  • Go natural, eat food, run outdoors, take an amino tablet for muscle recovery which is teared up while working out.

     Angad Bedi workout routine

    Hockey practice for “Soorma”, an upcoming movie

Soorma: Angad Bedi workout routine and diet

Angad Bedi Tips:

Not just the diet and body shaping, but Angad Bedi also focuses on his skincare regime.

  • A man should look like a man, so taking care of your skin is equivalent important for men.
  • Shaving regularly is the most of all important part of his daily life. Keeping himself neat and clean is necessary for the actor.
  • Always use a good cologne and antiperspirant to avoid bad body odor and to stay fresh all day long.
  • Use a sunblock, UV rays damage the skin.

“it’s important to be fit, whether you play a sport or go to the gym” -Angad Bedi (TV Actor)