Virat Kohli, The Indian Cricketer is the most active and young sportsman. Engaged to the beautiful and tremendous actress Anushka Sharma.

Idealizing Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli has always followed the tips of Sachin. The Young Captain is the fittest among all the players.

Virat Kohli has never given up on his routine of workout and proper diet. A new Air flowing filled with fitness challenge is viral these days.

After accepting the challenge of Parliament Member Rajyavardhan Singh, Virat Kohli challenged his wife and Actress Anushka Sharma along with our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

Virat Kohli Diet / Fitness Mantra

Virat’s Trainer focus on his legs. His Trainer Believe that running on the field requires a lot of strength for a long time which is only possible if the core muscles are strong.

His trainer(Basu)  make’s him do some 100 squads for the explosive legs on the ground.

Four hours a day in the gym

Virat Kohli spends more than four hours a day in the gym. He is a cricket superstar on the ground and always focuses on his diet to maintain his fitness level.

A regular 5 days visit to the gym is an essential part in the life of Virat.

Warming Up is the foremost thing; running, sprinting and cardio exercise.

According to this superstar, he likes to spend his time in the gym, when cricket season starts. This is his own commitment, not imposed by an expert.


The day of Kohli starts with the oatmeal, three egg whites, a full egg, pepper and spinach with cheese. Virat Kohli Diet


Grilled bacon, grilled fish, smoked salmon, papaya. When the trainer asks him to raise the muscles, he increases the amount of red meat.

Otherwise, he eats grilled chicken, mash potatoes and spinach for lunch. When he plays, he likes to take watermelons. He says, ‘I eat a lot of cheese. I also keep nut butter and gluten-free bread in the hotel with me.


Most of the time, he chooses to consume only seafood. Among them, he likes to eat more fish than anything.

Cheating Day:

Whenever Virat Kohli wants to cheat, he comes to eat Ram Chola from Rajouri Garden. They are so tasty that Virat should not be blamed for this.

Virat Kohli Giving Out Tips To Say it And Healthy

  • Always have a pre-workout meal. Virat drinks Coffee And eats Dry Fruits before visiting the Gym.
  • Protect yourself from getting dehydrated. Drink ample of water.
  • A low-fat food is preferable. If eating outside try to have protein-based meals rather than carbohydrates.
  • If you visit gym often and are a big fan of bulk muscles then the advice to those of Virat Kohli is to have boiled vegetables once in a day.
  • Virat’s advice to all is to push oneself hard. Accordingly, we are not aware of our potential. We will have to push ourselves to the core to evaluate. The More we Push the better we become.