Try these Yoga Poses for Back Pain

Waist Pain or Back pain can happen for many reasons, including any sudden abnormal activity or fall, injury or medical condition. The pain normally depends on the method of activities performed by bones, disks, nerves, muscles, and ligaments.

Most people experience short-term pain in their lives. back pain or waist pain has become common with the age group 35-55 years.

As the name suggests, the main symptom of back pain is pain or pain anywhere in the waist. Sometimes it also reaches the buttocks and feet. Some problems related to the back may cause pain in other parts of the body, depending on the affected nerves.

Reasons And Symptoms For back Or Waist Pain

  • Weight loss
  • Increasing body temperature (Read more – fever).
  • Swelling of the waist
  • Persistent pain in the waist –  lying or resting does not help.
  • Pain from the waist to the feet.
  • Getting to the bottom of the pain knees.
  • Recent accident.
  • Urinary incontinence – You inadvertently urinate (even in small amounts).
  • Difficulty in urinating – problematic urination.
  • Soul incontinence – You lose control over your intestines (you unwittingly give up bowel movements).
  • Getting numbness around the genitals
  • Getting numbness around the anus
  • The place around the buttocks is numb

The yoga poses for back pain or waist pain can decrease the pain or might remove it.

Yoga helps over back pain by increasing the strength and flexibility of the hamstring, back and hip muscles, Also reduce stress and help to improvise neuroendocrine function.

So its time to remove the back pain from these yoga asanas which will help in eliminating the waist pain or back pain.

Yoga Asanas for Back Pains

1. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Cobra Pose also known as Bhujang Asana is the foremost pose. The position is derived and idealized by the reptile cobra. The resemblance of cobra given here is from the position it gets performing the asana where the trunk and head same posture of a cobra. The people who had surgery or are suffering from a hernia need to avoid this yoga pose. The back injury and pregnant women also have to avoid this yoga asana.

2. Ardha Matsyendranath

Ardha Matsyendra Nath

Ardhan Matsyendranath, also known as the Half Spinal Twist. This asana has got lots of variations. The asana is named after yogi, Matsyendranath, and this yoga asana is considered as one of the efficient yoga asanas for waist pain or back pains.

3. Talasana


Start with standing erect and feet must have the distance between them. Keep hands straight and now raise arms and heels together, get on toes and inhale for two seconds. Be in position for four seconds and now follow the same backward procedure to get back. This yoga pose will help in keeping your spine vertical and also correcting the posture.

4. Marjariasana


This cat-like yoga pose is also called a cat stretch. The stretching will open up your nerves releasing pain and relaxing your back. The pose is followed by touching your palm and knees to the floor in a cat posture, also keep in mind to keep knees apart and neck straight. Like A frightened cat raise your back towards the ceiling or roof of the room or the sky if you are performing it outdoor. Hold this position for few breaths and get back in regular position, Repeat at least 10 times.

5. Bitilasana


Bitil asana whose literal meaning in Sanskrit is Cow. To keep the posture accurate and proper, the yoga asanas are inspired by the animals. This Yoga Pose is a mainly a cat pose but with an ease.

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