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Cold milk vs hot milk: From childhood to now, our mother forces us to drink Milk every night. And Yes, it is a healthy drink which is complete with many nutrients. It contains calcium, potassium and vitamin D which are not only good for bones but also it is good for health. Many of us do not like to drink milk. While many people prefer to drink cold milk or warm milk. But everyone has a confusion in mind that which one should be consumed for more benefits. We’ll be going to discuss this today in our post. Let’s begin

Cold Milk Vs Hot Milk

Cold Milk Vs Hot Milk, Which one should be adopted or both?

Warm milk has many secret benefits such as it heals stomach inflammation. If you are allergic to cold milk, then start drinking hot milk or do not drink cold milk at once. You can drink cold milk with corn flakes or oats. Drinking either hot milk or cold milk, both have different kind of benefits. You can drink according to your need.

Good sleep with warm milk: If you are facing a problem of sleeping disorder, then drinking warm milk before going to bed helps you get good sleep. Milk contains Tryptophan, which increases the secretion of serotonin and melatonin chemistry, which gives you comfort and good sleep. It also keeps your mind calm.

Cold milk cures acidity: If you are suffering from acidity or heartburn, then you must try cold milk to absorb the extra acids created in your stomach. Consume it after having your meal at night. Try not to add sugar to it, helps you get relieved immediately from acidity.

To prevent dehydration in summer: By drinking cold milk in summer, your body will not feel lack of water and stay hydrated. The best time to drink cold milk in the morning. Apart from this, after finishing the workout, drink milk. The body gets nutrition. But don’t drink in the morning, if you are having a cold or a cough.

For Completion of Calcium and Protein: Teeth and bones need calcium. And you should drink hot milk every day to meet calcium. There are adequate amounts of protein available in milk. Therefore, starting the day with a glass of hot milk, the body remains energetic throughout the day. If you want strong muscles, drink milk regularly in the daily breakfast.

Relieve in the menstrual period: Many women see changes in mood during the menstrual period. If this happens to you then you should drink a glass of warm milk. It will make you feel better.

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