Eating spinach daily is a good habit that supports your immune system. Know more about spinach

Vitamin A is abundant in green vegetables, which is beneficial for healthy eyes. One of these green vegetable is spinach (Palak). The spinach is generally considered to be a curative vegetable to increase hemoglobin only. Very few people know that besides spinach there are many other qualities that the general people are unaware of. Do not forget to wash the spinach in deep water before eating it.

eating spinach

Why eat spinach

Spinach is full of nutrients. The calcium and green elements present in it strengthen the bones. Vitamin A and C, found in spinach, help in the fight against fiber, folic acid and magnesium cancers, including colon, lung cancer and breast cancer. Spinach is also helpful in fighting cardiovascular diseases. The regular memory of the elderly is also strong due to its regular intake of spinach. You can eat spinach applying the bread in the sandwich. You can add spinach to your daily diet to lose weight. There are low calorie and nutrient content. Apart from protein, spinach also contains omega-3 fatty acids.

Spinach Nutrients Facts/Value

100 gm spinach contains 26 kg calorie energy, protein 2%, carbohydrate 2.9%, moisture 92% fat 0.7%, filament 0.6%, mineral intake 0.7% and filament 0.6%. Various minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and vitamins A, B, C etc. are found in spinach in abundance. In addition, it is fibrous, zinc alloy. We can call Spinach a life-saving food. Flavonoids present in spinach works as Antioxidant, which helps in fighting against cardiovascular diseases, and also raising the immunity. Eat the salad with a fine cut. Eat the chopped spinach in your favorite soup. Make bhujia out of spinach and garlic. It is quite tasty.

Consumption of spinach salad in the daily diet strengthens the digestive system. Beta-carotene and vitamin C present in spinach prevents DNA from being decayed. Spinach also helpful in decreasing the body joints pain like arthritis, osteoporosis.

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Health Benefits of Eating Spinach

  • For Strong Bones as spinach is rich in Vitamin K and hence stabilizing the calcium in the bones.
  • High in Fiber containing both soluble and insoluble fiber.
  • Spinach is called as Friend of Healthy Stomach as it promotes the digestion of protein.
  • Vitamin C present in spinach is helpful in cardiovascular diseases.
  • Vitamin K is responsible for Strong Memory and prevents Alzheimer disease.
  • Weight Loss.
  • omega-3 fatty acid.
  • High in Protein.
  • Spinach provides sufficient amount of magnesium, hence Energy Booster.
  • For Better Eyesight & Immune System
  • Iron present in spinach helps to regulate red blood cell to prevent hair loss.

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