The full focus of celebrity trainer and fitness expert Rakesh Udayar was on keeping the diversity of his workouts while training actress and dancer Daisy Shah. They shared the plans for Daisy with us. After her successful movie “JAI HO” Daisy Shah gained popularity as an actor working as a lead opposite to Salman Khan. The talented Daisy has performed as a backstage dancer for a long time. For the unstoppable hours dancing Daisy Shah Workout and Proper Diet is required for that ultimate strength.

The Turn over made by Salman Khan in the life of Daisy Shah is yet again with his another action movie Race 3 casting her along with Bobby Deol, Jacqueline Fernandez, Sadiq Saleem and Anil Kapoor.

Daisy Shah workout

First poster of the film

Daisy Shah Workout And Proper Diet

The full workout was of Daisy Shah was described by celebrtiy fitness trainer Rakesh

Daisy Shah workout

The crew member of race 3. The most awaited film directed By Remo D Souza

Rakesh says, “Usually he does cardio in the morning and in the evening weights training – many times he also changes it according to his schedule. The method of the actor Daisy Shah workout and proper diet to follow, which she follows, consists of three days weight training and three days of pilates and six days properly listed diet. As far as weight training is concerned, on the first day, they work on the bridge and the combination of both Push on the second day and the third day.

Her training structure for Race 3 is like this:

  • Monday-Chest, Shoulders and Triceps
  • Tuesday-Pilates
  • Wednesday-Traps, A kind Of Bicep Workout
  • Thursday-Pilates
  • Friday-feet and cardio
  • Saturday-Pilates
  • Sunday– Fun Day or Outdoor Activity of your choice

Her fitness routine changes every week and it is a compounded daily routine:

It is possible that there should be two days of weight training, two days cardio and two days of pellet or six days cardio and one day leave. On the basis that I have to destroy calories, I prepare their routine. They make a combination of functional, stretching and outdoor training, and in the evening, they like gymnastics exercises. In addition to the funeral workout regime, he likes dancing and kickboxing too. ”

Proper Diet Of Daisy Shah For Race 3

Daisy Shah workout

Daisy Shah with her fitness trainer Rakesh

Daisy likes the right food, says Rakesh. “She follow a Proper diet especially homemade. Since she is dance lover and have to practice for long hours for which she require light and quickly digestive food. Daisy try to eat healthy foods every two to three hours, thus they eat four to five times a day. Shah’s diet helps to increase her natural glucose, besides she also drinks 5-6 liters of water everyday.

Here we are giving details of their daily diets:

Breakfast (after workout): Fruits like toast, scrambled or boiled eggs and oranges, apples or blueberries
Late Morning: Nuts, usually almonds or walnuts or protein bars.
Lunch: green vegetables, cottage cheese (two or three times a week) or lentil, Kinawa and millet/jowar Chapati or Khakhra.
After lunch: light salad.
Dinner: Chapati, Vegetables with soup and salad
Sunday/Cheating Day: Likes To have spicy street food or visits restaurant to change the monotonous routine.

The Movie Race 3 has released its first ever trailer on the web and is getting viral which is most awaited on the coming EID.