These Good Habits Can Save Your Heart

Heart Stroke and Heart stroke are both dangerous to the human. Both occur to the heart but have a difference that people do not realize. 

When Heart attack arises, a sudden chest pain occurs. The Coronary artery that flows blood to the heart gets shrunk or is blocked due to which blood does not flow properly to the heart muscles causing a heart attack.

On the other hand Stroke, the blood clots in the artery cutting the blood flow from brain to the heart causing a strong headache.  It is also referred to as ” brain attack”.

Their symptoms depend upon :

  • Gender (where males ten to have more in number than females)
  • Age (rising age where working out is less)
  • Overall health (people with more cellulite in their body)
  • The severity of the episode

The Risk of Heart Stroke and Heart Attack rises with the increasing factors:

We have chosen a lifestyle that is less healthy, so we tend to fall towards various illness and resulting in Heart Stroke or Heart Attack.

  • High blood pressure
  • Age
  • Smoking
  • Family history
  • High cholesterol

Heart Attack

Check Out These Good Habits To Prevent Heart Attack

Heart Attack

1. Use Olive oil

The use of oil in the food increases the blockage rapidly, so use the least amount of oil. Anyway, there is no taste in oil. If you have to use oil for making a food then use olive oil. Olive oil contains a rich amount of fatty acids that reduce the risk of heart disease.

2. Daily exercise

Regularly for half an hour walks, yoga and exercises and fibrous things in the food, you can easily survive the danger of the Heart attack.

3. No smoking

Those who had suffered a heart attack due to smoking, do not smoke at all. After the heart attack, patients who start smoking again have a sense of dying within a year.

4. Control weight

Obesity can also increase the blockage. So, according to your age and length, find out your ideal weight and work hard to get and maintain that weight. The BMI should not exceed 25 and the waist size should not exceed 34 inches.

Heart Attack

5. Controlling the Sugar

In patients with sugar, the possibility of becoming a blood clot in the arteries is quite high. If the patient is in sugar then it is very important to take the medicine that controls the sugar.

6. Include dry food

Nuts have a positive effect on blood fat. Along with this, you help reduce the harmful cholesterol. It contains vitamin E, magnesium, fiber and potassium, which acts as a safety element for the heart. To avoid the heart attack, frozen cheese and salt should be eaten less.

7. Control cholesterol

Increase cholesterol keeps the risk of heart-related illnesses. Therefore, pay special attention to medicines and diets to control high blood pressure and enlarged cholesterol.

Following these certain steps in life will definitely help you stay fit forever!

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