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Signs and Symptoms of Thyroid Problems in Women

Thyroid Problems: The thyroid is such a problem that many people around the world are affected. These diseases are seen in more women than men. Thyroid gland occurs in two parts on both sides of the vocal cord, above the respiratory tube in the throat. Its size is like a butterfly. These glands form the thyroid called hormone. This hormone has sensitivity control to body energy, protein production, and other hormones. Due to thyroid, the disease resistance of the body decreases because of which it causes many problems in the body.

Thyroid Problems

Thyroid Problems

Symptoms of Thyroid Problems in Women

When the thyroid gland starts making excessive thyroid hormones, it is called hyperthyroidism, while hypothyroidism decreases levels of thyroid hormone levels. This disease can be identifying by some common symptoms in women. If this disease is detected at the right time, then it can be treated properly. To Know the symptoms of thyroid then check out the full article.

Thyroid Problems

Check Out The Symptoms of Thyroid in Women

Memory problem

Due to thyroid, your memory power and thinking ability also have an impact. For this reason, your memory may be weak. Apart from this, the nature of the person in thyroid problem becomes irritable.

Stomach disturbances

Problems like stomach disturbances like constipation etc. when thyroid becomes active. Due to this, there is difficulty in digesting the food, and in this disease, food does not easily fall below the throat.

Irregular periods

In case of thyroid problems, the irregularity of Periods in women begins. Many times this causes the interval of the premiums to rise and the premiums are more in the day than 28 days.


Due to thyroid disease, you may also have depression. If thyroid gland produces thyroxine in small amounts, then depression, which means depression, becomes active. Due to depression, you start having problems sleeping at night.

Thyroid Problems

Thyroid Problems

Rapid weight gain

Metabolism is also affecting due to thyroid because thyroxine also controls our metabolism. Whatever we eat due to the effects of metabolism, it does not change completely in energy and keeps accumulating in the form of extra fat, resulting in weight gain.

Weakness and tiredness

Weakness and fatigue are also a major symptom of thyroid. With the effect of thyroxine on metabolism, when food is not fully converted into energy, then there is a lack of energy in the body and you start to fatigue and weakness. However, anemia can also be due to weakness and fatigue in women. So if you see such symptoms, then see the doctor and check it out.

Chest pain

If you have hyperthyroidism, this can lead to many serious consequences. This also affects the heartbeat and may also cause the irregular heartbeat. Due to this irregularity of heartbeat, chest pain can also cause severe pain problems.

Not eating food

Due to the problem of the thyroid, food is not eaten even when the appetite is intensified, and despite the need to eat more than once, the weight keeps increasing rapidly. The reason for this problem is also the imbalance in body metabolism.

Cold or heat tolerance

In the problem of the thyroid, the effect of the weather appears more on our body. If you have hypothyroidism, you will not tolerate much cold and if you have hyperthyroidism, you will not tolerate much heat.

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