Amazing Health Benefits of Red Chilli

The Hooter the better!

This Quote Suits well to the people of India, who prefer any food with the hint of chili. The commonly eaten Chilli paneer or Chilli Flakes used in Pizza etc, Chillies have been the favorite spice.

Red Chilies are Great Source of Vitamin, A, B, C and E with minerals like molybdenum, manganese, Folate, potassium, thiamin, and copper.

Originated in America, and cultivated in Asia, Africa, and Europe and has become a part of the everyday meal.

These chilies vary in color as well as heat. From green to yellow, red to black chilies come in bright colors. Also, they vary according to the spice, the darker (red) the chilly the spicier. 

In order to have chilies with a hint of spicy flavor remove the veins/ stem along with the seeds inside it. 

Red Chilies have So Many Health Benefits

1. Good For Eyesight

1 tablespoon of chili pepper in vitamin A with 9 percent of the recommended need. Vitamin A is known to boost your eyesight and preventing night blindness and macular degeneration from developing as we age.

2. Painkiller

Chilies stimulate the release of endorphins that are natural painkillers. Red or Green Chillies Contain Capsaicin which helps in relieving pains. Especially of those with Joints related pain.

3. Antibiotic

Chilly is the platform for the white blood cells to reach the toxins creating infection in the body. As the main role of the WBC is to fight the toxins and bacteria in the body to keep it healthy and fit.

4. Good For Brain

Capsaicin stimulates the brain to excrete endorphin and gives a sense of pleasure when ingested. Also, the reason people get addicted to chili.

6. It Prevents Cancer

Green Chilly is a good source of the carotenoid lycopene which helps fight cancer cells. Chilies activate the sense organs due to its spicy properties also helping in the digestive process by generating a good amount of saliva.

7. Heart Attack

Folic Acid found in red and green chilies which is a water-soluble form of Vitamin B9 works releasing the cholesterol deposit in the veins and arteries. Vitamin B6 helps eliminate homocysteine level that damages the blood vessel.

8. Chili Pepper is perfect for keeping the hair and skin vibrant and strong

Rich source of Vitamin C which helps improve the collagen which intends to improves the skin by slowing the aging process. Apart from the skin the protein-rich chilies help strengthen the hair and its growth.