Weight gain diet and tips are here for all the guys who are asking how to gain weight and how to increase weight with the help of weight gain foods and other essential weight gain tips. These weight gain foods are here for helping to gain weight. These healthy foods are here for weight gain at home. Make sure to include these foods in weight gain diet plan which is helpful while opting for weight gain shake for both vegan or non-vegan diet.

Eat These Healthy Foods to Gain Weight, Weight Gain

Want to Gain Weight? Eat These Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods To Gain Weight – Trying to gain weight. Yes, that might be simple. Just to eat whatever comes to you whether it’s healthy or not. It can be junk food or high-fat food. On one hand, there are people who want to lose weight and on another side, there are those, who want to gain weight and add extra kilos. The wrong way most people go on is for junk food and unwanted supplements which are unhealthy. Want to gain weight just eat healthy and natural foods which are high in nutrition and helps you gain weight.

Following is the list of healthy food which helps to gain weight. The foods which are chosen here are most effective foods that help to gain weight. To mention the best way to gain weight is to eat high-calorie content food and workout to use those calories that go to fat.

The below healthy foods are can be consumed if you want to gain weight, Just include these healthy foods in your weight gain diet.  Also, check out the weight gain tips as there are not only weight gain foods to help you out, there more to weight gain with precautions. The weight gain from healthy foods is healthy thus it does n’t overweight someone because of it’s important to take measures while gaining. Thus these healthy foods for weight gain can also be used in weight gain shake, breakfast or diet, and also these healthy foods can help both vegans and non-vegans to gain weight.

Healthy Foods For Weight Gain

1.  Whole Eggs

Whole Eggs

Eggs are known to be healthiest muscle building foods. The eggs contain High content of both proteins and fats.

Why the whole egg? because the yolk has most beneficial nutrients. if don’t have an egg tolerance then eat out three eggs per day. Thus include whole eggs in your weight gain diet and let this healthy food help you in gaining weight. These foods are also helpful in weight gain at home. Make sure to have the whole eggs in your weight gain diet plan. If you like to go to shake then one can also include this healthy food in weight gain shake or have weight gain breakfast with whole eggs.

2. Avocados


The high-calorie content avocado is must to be on the list of healthy foods for gaining weight. The one full avocado will give you weight as well fat and fiber. As one whole avocado contains 323 Calories, 30 grams fat and 19 grams of fiber.

If you are looking for weight gain diet plan for vegetarian then avocado is the best option for healthy food for weight gain. The weight gain diet is incomplete without avocado which is among weight gain food to eat at home. Or include this in weight gain diet

3. Yogurt


This is surely on the list of Healthy Foods to Gain Weight. Use the full-fat yogurt. Will help you to gain weight faster. Consider this one for full healthiest food to gain weight. The yogurt being considered healthiest foods for gaining weight as it also contains a mix of carbs, fat, and protein.

If just want to weight gain with healthy tasty food then yogurt could is the best option for weight gain at home. Include yogurt in weight gain diet and help yourself gaining weight while having breakfast.

4. Milk


Yeah, You know it. Milk helps to gain weight and also build muscles. The nutrition’s in milk are awesome talking about carbs, fat, minerals, calcium, protein, and vitamins just in one glass. Hit the muscle with this high protein rich content. Way good for gyming guys.

5. Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits

The dry fruits are excellent for being in the category for a fast way to gain weight. The Snack contains antioxidants and micronutrients. Mix it with others and get protein and fat like yogurt or nuts

6. Bananas


One more fruit on the list and it is banana. Like banana then eat a banana. Just eat it and will give you 115 calories from single banana with nutrition’s like fiber, potassium, and vitamins will help to gain weight. You can also try it post workout because the maximum source of potassium and have sugar.

7. Rice


The cheapest way to gain weight is Rice. This will provide you carbs, fat, and calorie. One cup of rice (164 grams) will give you 191 Calories, 44 grams of carbs and some fat.

8. Whole Grain Bread

Whole Grain Bread

The effective way to gain weight is Whole-grain bread. Helps is gaining weight with a good source of carbs. Mix with other to make high calorie and balanced meals like eggs, meat, and cheese.

9. Healthy Fats and Oils

Healthy Fats and Oils

To intake most calories, consume healthy fats and oils. Add a teaspoon of oil while cooking or how you want to use and it will give you 135 calories more.

Avoid using processed vegetable oil. Go for healthy options like avocado oil, coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil.

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10. Coconut Milk

You may know that best weight gain food is milk as well it is nutritious, To gain weight at home or for vegetarian food weight gain the simple food would be going for coconut milk. Thus comparing milk to coconut milk will help you give 552 calories and 5 grams of protein

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