Benefits of eating Tulsi for Skin, Hair & Health

Benefits of eating Tulsi : Tulsi is a holy basil, considered by many religions. The Tulsi plant is described as divine property and hence worshiped at many Hindu households. There are many benefits of chewing tulsi leaves daily. It helps protect organs and tissues against chemical stress from industrial pollutants and physical stress. 

Nowadays, Tulsi is commonly used as medicine to cure weak immune system, reproductive system, urinary system, nervous system and home remedy for acne. You can eat tulsi leaves everyday for its various healing benefits in morning with empty stomach.

benefits of eating Tulsi

1. Cures Fever

Tulsi leaves has anti-bacterial, anit-biotic, fungicidal, germicidal and disinfectant agents that are very effectively protects our body from infections which result to fever. It is strongly recommended by our ancient Ayurveda that it is very beneficial to consume kadha made of Tulsi leaves to cure fever.

2. Fights Acne

Tulsi leaves helps purifying your blood by removing toxins. This holy basil has a natural acne treatment agents that heals skin infections both internally and externally. Apply the paste made from Tulsi leaves mixed with coconut oil or rose water on your face for better result.

3. Helps Fight Cancer

According to a research, anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties present in Tulsi plant helps to reduce developing cancer cells. Tulsi may not work as natural cancer treatment but it may help reduces the chances of growth. 

4. Good for Heart

Tulsi has a properties that helps controlling blood pressure and lower cholesterol level. It is a good source of Vitamin K, which plays an important role for your heart health. Chewing a few tulsi leaves on an empty stomach everyday in morning can protect your heart,

5. Relieves Stress

Tulsi has a anti-stress agents present in it to maintain the normal levels to the stress hormone. People who have high stress can chew about 12-15 leaves twice a day to get rid of stress naturally. Here is benefits of eating Tulsi leaves.

6. Regulates Blood Sugar Level

Tulsi has property to control blood Sugar Level. In various experiments, it is shown that Tulsi leaves has anti-diabetic agents. By the dosage of Tulsi powder in night and early morning, it naturally cures diabetes. 

7. Boost Immunity

Holy Basil is helpful in preventing our body against all infections, viruses and fungal diseases. Hence helps boost the immunity power in our body. it gives energy to fight against common cold. It is effective in treating allergic bronchitis, asthma and lung disease.

8. Treats Headache

Tulsi helps to relieve headaches as it has decongestant properties. You can consume Tulsi tea or Tulsi Juice to enhance more benefits of this basil plant. It helps in removing headache caused due to migraines, sinus pressure and cold. Try adding a cup of Tulsi tea in your day and see the surprising results.

9. For Glowing Skin

For a glowing beautiful skin, make a paste mixed with coconut oil and few drops of water. Apply this paste on your face, then rub for 3-4 minutes. Leave for 20-30 minutes, and now wash your applied mask with warm water and wipe out with clean towel. Try this at night. It will also remove the appearance of acne and blemishes of dark spot. And leaves a beautiful glowing skin in the morning.

10. Prevents Hair Loss

It also soothes your hair problems with its helpful nature. Mix tulsi leaves paste with the hair oil you use. Apply this oil to your scalp and leave it for about 30 minutes, if you are applying in morning. Otherwise, you can leave this mixture whole night. And shampoo your hair after it. It promotes circulation to your scalp. It keeps your scalp cool and dandruff free.

11. Use as Mouth Freshener

Tulsi is an excellent mouth freshener and its freshness lasts for a very long time. It destroys more than 99% of the germs and bacteria in the mouth. Basil leaves also cures ulcers in the mouth. Chewing tulsi leaves also prevents from oral cancer caused by tobacco. Try adding a drop of tulsi to your toothpaste to enhance more positive results.

12. Eye Care

Wash your eyes daily with a few leaves of Tulsi soaked in water. It soothes eye inflammation. With regular consumption helps treating cataracts and other vision issues. It can cure from age-associated vision loss and blurry vision. It also improves your vision power without lenses. Try to wash your eyes every night after coming to home with the drops of tulsi leaves into water.

13. Dissolves Kidney Stones

Tulsi being a detoxifier helps to clean out the kidneys through increased frequency of urination. It has a component that reduces the uric acid level in the blood. Regular consumption of tulsi leaf juice with honey naturally cures the kidney stones in about six months without any painkiller.

14. Helps reduce weight

Tulsi water has scientifically proved agent that are used to aid weight loss. As it reduces cortisol, that helps reducing your weight significantly. Here is a benefits of eating Tulsi leaves or adding habit of eating Tulsi Leaves.

15. Other more benefits

Tulsi also help one quit smoking by lowering the stress level that leads to urge to smoke. Basil works great for abdominal health. By consuming tulsi juice with lemon juice can give relief from acidity. Tulsi has a many healing agents which promotes you a good health. Try adding more use of Tulsi Plant in your daily life for its soothing properties.

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