Commonly named as Giloy a hear-leaved moonseed is highly beneficial for our health.

Tinospora Coirdifolia is found in the tropical regions of Sri Lanka, India, and Myanmar. The heart-leaves moonseed rising 10-20 cms long shrub  and8-15 cm wide have been gifted with many names.

The species have been named as Guduchi in Sanskrit, Tippa-Teega in Telegu, Shindilakodi in Tamil and Amriutha Bali and Chittamruthu in Kannada And Malayalam respectively.Benefits of Giloy

Giloy leaves are found near neem and mango trees. The tree in which Giloy form forms its base, properties of that tree are also included in it. In this sense, Neem based Giloy is considered to be the best medicine.

You can bind Giloy to your cottage with a rope. After this, you can use its juice. Giloy is a medicine, which dispells many troubles and diseases of the body.

Stomach disorders, chest tightness, pain in the joints, the blood disorder, low blood pressure, cardiovascular disease (TB), liver, kidney, urinary disease, diabetes, blood sterilization, anti-immune, gas, Hunger strike.

Benefits of Giloy (Natural Medicine)

Giloy for heart disease

It is a chemical. Giloy is also a blood-sucking, oozing, heart disease, researcher and liver tonic. It destroys jaundice and chronic fever makes the fire intense. And also is a great destroyer for air disease.


There are many ayurvedic benefits of Giloy Juice. It is helpful in removing high fever. As it contains anti-paretic extracts, it is helpful in removing dangerous diseases like dengue fever, malaria, and swine flu.

Removal of jaundice

Wrapping the giloy leaves in the neck is beneficial in jaundice. Mix honey in the elixation of giloy and take 3-4 times a day to cure jaundice. Grind the leaves of Giloya and mix it in a glass of whey and drink it early in the morning to remove jaundice.Benefits of Giloy

Increase blood

Consume daily in the morning and evening with Ghee or by taking it with honey. It will improve blood (hemoglobin) level in the body. In addition, Giloy Juice also increases the blood platelets.

Remove gas

Gas, joint pain, body rupture, uneven growth are symptoms of unbalancing and unconsciousness. Get your stomach balance, just by taking one spoon of Giloy with the ghee.

Rheumatoid arthritis

By regular consumption of Giloy with honey cures a cough and acne with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Disease of piles (pitta)

Consuming a spoon of Gilloy with powdered gud not only beneficial for Piles disease but also removes constipation.

Blood Cancer

By taking giloy juice and wheat Jawar juice with a small amount of water in an empty stomach will help in blood cancer.

Beneficial in Cancer

Drink Gilloy juice and Wheat Jowar juice with grinding 5-7 leaves of Tulsi and Neem. It makes a positive impact on cancer.Benefits of Giloy

Freedom from sterility

Regular feeding of Gilloy and Ashwagandha, cooked in milk makes freedom from sterility.


Take giloya sattva, cardamom and arthochondhan with honey will be helpful in T.B.

Epilepsy disease (Mirgi)

Taking elixation of giloya and punarnava, will show benefits in epilepsy in a few days.

Remove the pain of ear

Grind giloy in water, and make that drops warm. So now put the drops twice a day to remove dirt from your ear. Or cure ear pain, by putting lukewarm Giloy drops directly to the ear.

Stomach ache

Mix honey with Ghiloy juice and take it in the morning and evening to cure stomachache.

Take away the hemorrhoids

Taking 1 teaspoon of giloy powder with whey in the morning and evening removes Bawasir problems from its root.

Acne removal

Put the paste of giloy fruit directly to acne, blisters or dark spot of your face. It will remove the marks on your face within few weeks and gives a natural glow.

You can grind Giloy with Amla (Indian Gooseberry), or neem (Indian Lilac), or add honey in to for taste and health.Benefits of Giloy

Now in the market, giloy tablets, syrups, powders etc. are also available. Giloy balances the body’s defects (a cough, vata, and Pitt) and has the ability to rejuvenate the body.

Use Giloy as a natural medicine to stop diseases like vomiting, unconsciousness, cough, jaundice, mental disorder, syphilis, allergic reactions including allergies, skin diseases, freckles, wrinkles, weakness, throat infection, cough, sneezing, heterogeneous fever, typhoid, malaria, dengue, stomach worm,

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