Doing a Desk Job? Beware Of These Silent Killers !!

It always is hard to do the desk jobs. the problems we fail to capture while doing work seems like becoming a regret that is Silent killers. Nowadays it’s getting hard not to do a desk job. The era has come where we met science, Which is not letting us do hard work instead of what we are doing Smart works yet it differs from what the life was supposed to do with, we were meant to be doing some physical work and here we are seating for long hours increasing Stress day by day and Movement is done less. Here is these condition which can make you suffer.

What are symptoms of Silent Killers of Health

  • Shocks, fever, or cold
  • Excessive pain or severe discomfort (especially “worst”)
  • Yellow or discolored skin
  • Sleepy or confused
  • I feel dying
  • shortness of breath

I. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

The first of Silent Killers is Carpel Tunnel Syndrome which has started to Suffer more people in 20s. The Syndrome causes Pain, numbness, Weakness & Tingling which are the symptoms of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. These all symptoms can be felt in hands because of pressure on the median nerve. This silent killer takes years of repetitive work to get Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. The people who are at high risk due to this syndrome are Car Drivers, Truck Drivers or 9 – 5 Computer Desk Job.

Cure :

  • Take a break from work which mostly involves your hands and wrists. Stretch your palms and fingers possible for many times.
  • Use a computer mouse which operates smoothly and does n’t give tension to your wrist. Use the keyboard at the height of elbow and make use of elbow upper than wrist.

II. Muscles Get Weak

Weak Muscles

The body of human was constructed to be move. And here we are with 360 joint and nearby 700 Skeletal muscles. The gift was supposed to make use off. but destiny was decided to do desk jobs for hours and because of regularly seating this has caused us tightening of hamstring muscles and hip and has also cost us with weak lower back and abdominal muscles. That’s why all the body parts need stretching and Exercise.

Cure :

  • Move every hour, change the position, Stretch out a bit or take stairs instead of the elevator
  • Change your posture seat according to the work posture, make your back straight.

III. Obesity from Carbohydrate Intake at Work

Leave the food with High Carbohydrate intake and less protein. if your job is to move around and do the work then you need those carbohydrates but in the seating, it must be avoided. This might increase your weight that leads to obesity.  Might want to decrease those excessive tea/coffee consumption. The problem which these leads are that caffeine and high sugar that increases obesity and heart risks.

Cure :

  • Take diet with high protein, if food is homemade that is well good and if not use other options like avoiding carbohydrate intake,
  • Consumption of less Tea/ Coffee/ Sugar/ Caffeine

IV. Rotated Shoulders, Pigeon Chest and Crooked Back

Lower Back Pain

Rotated shoulders yup that’s the thing which you get by seating for long hours. The process gets started with shoulders internally rotated with the scapulas in the back to retract inwards that causes first internally rotated shoulders and followed by crooked back and then a pigeon chest. These all cause pressure on the spine. The head that comes forward while working on PC causes neck pain.

Cure : 

  • Make good posture, be relaxed, don’t strain the body. keeping your eye level straight with the desktop screen. Don’t push the neck muscles.
  • Get the posture right, Seat well, put your feet flat on the floor and knees equal to the height of hips or Little lower.

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