Tips to Eat Healthy These Diwali 2017  & Avoid Weight Gain

Diwali 2017 has come and with Diwali, celebration too. The festival of light brings lots of joy and happiness. The celebration lasts for 5 day longer and with happiness in the air. Adding to that, The fun part is that what comes with this festivals, like crackers, eateries and many things. The carvings for sweets and sugary things are on high and to control these carvings seems impossible. Specially for the people who are fitness conscious, In these festivals there is chance of getting high calories and that’s why the weight is been gained.

Eating too much unhealthy food can be harmful to the body. So here are some healthy tips to eat healthy during this Diwali 2017.

1.  Take a Small Quantity

During Diwali time visiting some one like friends, families, and relatives can bring the extra calories intake. And while eating in those plates you re suppose to be aware that you might not be eating too much of those small portions. As these can bring high calorie.

2. Keep Drinking Water

As far as Diwali is concerned the eateries are on high stake. Eating too much of delicacies can disturb your metabolism. So to help yourself take juices, low calorie smoothie, coconut water, always make sure to drink water and ease out the stomach.

3. Smaller Bites Equals to Healthy Life

This will surely help you in all life too. Thus eating with smaller bites and slow eating will make you increase the rate of metabolism and will also make you feel that you are full and won’t let you to eat too much. Also make sure to eat homemade sweets, Avoid the processed one’s.

4. Best is Homemade

The delicacies are in numerous options. To find the best one is take on home made sweets. The processed one are unhealthy and will make you go nervous. Rather then take options like laddos which are made of jaggery or else go with dry fruits. Make sure its low fat and low on sugar.

5. Be Good

Right now you are health conscious and it’s time to make other healthy too. Avoid giving those sweets (mithai) box you are giving every time. Go for other things like nuts or low sugar, low fat eateries, that will be best for the friends, families, relatives. This way it will be the best to make the chain healthy gifts giving.

6. Burn Fat with Walking

You have gained the calories, then how to reduce it. The simplest way to reduce the fat is by walking. Walking for 30 minutes will burn the 200 calories. Try to walk wherever you go, avoid lifts, automobiles just walk in this case any time you can.

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