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Are You Suffering From Constipation? Try This Remedies

Are you finding the ways to get relief from constipation Immediately then You are not alone as constipation is one of the most familiar medical conditions in the world. That is a more money to spend when there are Natural remedies out there that do an even better job and are much cheaper. Read The Further Article To Know How To get relief Form Constipation.

relief from constipation

Constipation has become a common problem in a sense that most of us almost think of it as routine. Nothing else but the modern day lifestyle is to be blamed to give rise to this condition. Here are the most common perpetrators would certainly be alcohol abuse, smoking, junk food consumption and overeating. Those affected by it usually feel pain and its uneasy with the inability to pass stool easily. we will help you to feel better by providing a list of natural remedies you can use to get relief from constipation. For More fitness Tips & Health related Infomation visit Fit Life Pedia

Causes of Constipation, Check Out Some Following Reasons

relief from constipation

1. Change in diet:-

You might be eating more oily food than usual or may have started a new weight loss program. Also, Any change in your diet could trigger the odd bout of constipation. There are certain foods that can also bring this on high fat or alcohol, processed food.

2. Lack of exercise:-

Lack of exercise or an inactive lifestyle could slower your metabolism. This could hinder digestion which could cause constipation.

3. Medication:-

Certain kinds of painkillers or medicines can bring your system to a stop and cause constipation. If needed, you can take a stool softener. Even iron supplements and vitamins could create a problem and if they do, you should check with your doctor.

4. Lack of Fluids:-

When you don’t drink enough water, you might be constipated. Artificial beverages do not count as fluids because of they actually trigger constipation instead of driving it away.

Follow This Natural Home Remedies To Get relief from constipation

Drink more water and Stay hydrated

relief from constipation

Being dehydrated daily can make you become constipated. To prevent from this then it is important to drink proper water and stay hydrated. When you are constipated, you could try finding relief by drinking some carbonated water to help you rehydrate and get things moving again. Shining water may be even more impressive.

Drink coffee To Reduce Constipation

relief from constipation

For some people, coffee can increase the urge to go to the bathroom. This will happen because coffee stimulates the muscles in your digestive system. it can help relieve constipation by stimulating the muscles in the gut. It may also contain small amounts of digestive fiber.

Eat prunes

relief from constipation

If you are constipated, prunes could be the simplest natural solution available. It contains the sugar alcohol sorbitol, which has a laxative effect. Prunes can be a very effective remedy for constipation. Prune and Prunes juice are often praised as nature’s remedy for constipation. Also the prunes, fiber have the natural laxative sorbitol. This is a sugar alcohol that has a laxative effect. prunes may be more impressive than fibre.

Ayurveda to the Rescue

relief from constipation

Triphala has antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic properties which makes it a great form of treatment for diarrhoea and other kinds of infections as well. you can Try having two or three Triphala tablets with warm water before you sleep. Triphala is made with Harad also known as black myrobalan and works as a fantastic laxative.

Eat more fiber in your Diet

relief from constipation

People who are constipated are often told to increase their fibre intake. This is because increasing fibre intake is thought to increase the bulk and consistency of bowel movements, making them easier to pass.

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