Health Benefits of Eating Eggplant

Who Likes Egg Plant? I guess Very People would want to eat this vegetable.

You Must be thinking what question is this and why would you eat this dark coloured tasteless vegetable. But let me tell you there are huge benefits hidden in this taste and odourless vegetable.

This Egg shaped Brinjal is also named as garden egg, guinea squash is eaten in the Mediterranean region. Brinjal, purple coloured vegetables are very low in calories and highly rich in fibre.

Brinjal is a great vegetable for the people suffering from diabetes.

Check out below some amazing health benefits of eggplant.

Eating Eggplant Benefits

  • Fitness Tips – Helps in Weight Loss

The eggplant or the Brinjal is a Satiated vegetable that will allow remaining full for a longer period of time. So the lesser you eat and the more you workout helps you reduce flab faster.

  • Makes Bones Stronger – Health Tips

Eating Eggplant for bone are many in numbers. Eggplant will lower the risk of one degradation and also osteoporosis this will make your bone stronger and increasing the density of your bones.

Eggplants also contain irons and calcium, which helps in bone health and with potassium in eggplants will surely lead to healthy bones. And this will make your fitness altogether at another level.

  • Helps in Preventing Cancer – Good Health Tips

The antioxidant properties in this healthy food make it prevent cancer. Eggplants keep the cell our body healthy and thus prevents from cancer and maintain health and fitness of our body.

  • Fights Anemia – Health Tips

In today’s world, it is hard to follow a healthy lifestyle. one such is a deficiency of irons because it leads to anaemia. Anaemia is, of course, one hell of a problem as it follows up with weakness, depression, migraines, fatigue and also headaches.

Eggplant contains a substantial amount of iron which can improve deficiency of iron. Other than iron, eggplants are also the great source of copper that is good for red blood cells besides iron as well.

  • Enhances Brain Functions – Health Tips

The powerful antioxidants present in the skin of guinea squash helps fight the toxins to prevent the dysfunction of the brain.

The anthocyanins present in the garden egg have the anti-inflammatory properties that help in proper blood flow and waste out.

  • Avoids Diabetes Side Effects – Good Health Tips

It not only decreases the blood cholesterol level but also helps reduce diabetes. rich in fibre and antioxidants help in regulating diabetes by stabilizing the glucose level in the body.

  • Good for Heart – Health Fitness Tips

Since its a good source of blood purification and enhancement and reducing cholesterol from the body. The regular consumption of the garden egg helps in lowering heart risk by 35%.

Not only these the Polyphenols present in the guinea squash have anti-cancer and anti-tumour properties.

We hope that you might have tilted your mind a bit after reading such amazing benefits of this vegetable. We also share the recipe that can be cooked out of this eggplant: