Malaria is a life-threatening disease that is caused by the transmission of a parasite through the bite of infected mosquitoes. Many people across the world take antimalarial medicine as a precaution of the disease. Get all health tips on this website. Read the article completely, so that you will not miss any important point that we have shared over here.

Facts about Malaria

  • There are more than 250 million cases reported annually. The worst thing is occurring deaths in underdeveloped countries with no proper treatment of malaria fever.
  • Pregnant women and newborns under age of 5 are at the high risk. The figures are even more worst than overall figures. Malaria is the main reason for more than 85% deaths of infants under age of five.
  • With a bite from a parasite called plasmodium mosquitoes spread malaria fever. They carry this infection from person to person. This infectious disease can spread among people of any age group.
  • For high risk of transmission area, there must be a use of mosquito net for creating a secure environment for the infant or pregnant women.
  • If an early treatment and diagnosis of infectious person are made, then there is a chance of being cured of this life-threatening disease.
  • It is a curable disease.
  • There is a development of combination therapies for treating malaria.
  • To reduce mosquito density in your living area, make an arrangement of spraying insecticides. It has its effects more than 3 to 6 months depending on the quality and condition.
  • For a quick result, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) remains more effective for longer periods i.e. up to 12 months.
  • In order to reduce the number of malaria cases, it is essential to control the breeding of malaria-bearing mosquitoes.
  • Be aware of mosquitoes and stop mosquitoes to bite while doing your activity is the best way to prevent malaria fever.

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