Vitamin-C is a necessity for the body. Good for skin Vitamin-C rich foods are numerous if searched.  The benefits of consuming Vitamin-C helps in repairing the tissues as well as healing the wounds, maintaining cartilage, teeth, and bones.

You will be surprised to know that there are some fruits that give more vitamin C than orange and lemon. By eating them, you’ll never get the problems caused by vitamin C deficiency. Let’s discuss fruits containing Vitamin C.

8 fruits containing Vitamin C


You will be surprised to know that in guava you get more vitamin C than oranges. It has been found that guava contains 376.7 mg vitamin C which is in the large amount as compared to orange that contains only 95.8 mg. So, Guava is another source apart from Orange or lemon.


It is a kind of cauliflower vegetable. the Karamsag, Family of Cauliflower is highly rich in VItamin-C.  This Vegetable contains 120 mg of Vitamin -C which is higher than Lemon and Orange.


Kiwi is also a very fruitful food for you. With this, you get rid of many problems because kiwi is rich in vitamin C. Let you know that the amount of vitamin C in this amount is 128 mg. Which is much more than oranges.


Everyone likes the mango fruit including the child to elder. The mango is also called the king of fruits. Although, the impression of the fruit is warm, as consuming too many mangoes or daily consumption can cause bad digestion but they also contain 120 mg of Vitamin-C


Eating pineapple benefits you greatly. This is beneficial for your body. There is plenty of vitamin C in it. Let us know that it contains 118 mg vitamin C. Due to this, there is no shortage of vitamin C in your body.


If you like to eat capsicum, then there is good news for you. Let us know that by eating it you get plenty of vitamin C. It contains vitamin C from 96 to 375 mg.


Papaya is beneficial for your health. You should eat it. There is a lot of vitamin C in it. You should eat it for the benefit of the stomach. It contains vitamin C to 95.6 mg.