Good Diet Helps To Prevent Insomnia-Related Depression

Good Diet Helps To Prevent Insomnia-Related Depression: Sleeping less is the major reason for the depression. According to a study, Students who sleep less may not have symptoms of depression, If they would have done high energy consuming activities too. this happens mostly with the ages people. because the stress about earning money and getting their work done, all such stuff takes place in their mind. Ahmad Hariri, Professor at the Duke University in North Carolina, US said that “This helps us begin to understand why some people are more likely to experience depression when they have problems with sleep”.


The Journal of Neuroscience’s team examined the deep region of the brain called ventral striatum. It helps to regulate the behavior of a person and lets a person stays without depression. The result shows that those who are getting the good quality sleep are more likely to have a higher brain activity in response to positive feedback as compared to negative feedback.


Bad sleep is not good but you may have some positive experiences in your life. And you are more responsible for those experiences and the less dangerous to the depression effects. So, here comes the same thing that the importance of leading a balanced diet is with the proper food and a good quality sleep. A good diet helps in increasing mental condition and provides very pleasant sleep. Fruits are also beneficial for our mental health if consumed on a regular basis. A research found that consuming fruits on a daily basis may increase the psychological well being under 2 weeks.

According to a health research, a healthy diet should contain two cups of fruits and three cups of vegetables daily. The team found that the students who are given extra fruits and vegetables are more likely experiencing a boost in motivation and health benefits.

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