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Effective Home Remedies To Avoid Swine Influenza

H1N1 Virus is Also Known as Swine Influenza‬. It is a deadly Diseases That will be affecting people Across All over the world. H1N1 Virus will get into the body through the Respiratory system. It sticks to the airways and replicates. Swine Influenza Affects the whole respiratory system in its grip. This is a Very serious infection. The Symptoms of H1N1 Virus is having a cough, body aches, sore throat, runny nose, fatigue.

Swine Influenza‬

Swine Influenza‬ (Swine Flu) is Very common in older and children, young adults. This was uncommon because most flu infections are higher chances for complications in older adults or the very young. Today, The Risk factors for getting Swine Influenza (swine flu) are the same as for any other strain of the flu. Mostly Swine Influenza‬ occurs in Winter Season. Let’s Try These Simple Remedies To Tackle a flu virus of any kind. You can pick and choose the treatment that Suits Your Body.

Swine Influenza‬

Try These Surprising Treatment For Swine Influenza

1. Aloe vera Prevent Swine Flu

Aloe Vera is a commonly available plant. It will Long And thick. cactus-like leaves have an odorless gel. One Tsp gel with water Consume Daily that will Boost Your Immunity system. That’s why we suggest you Eat Aloe Vera. It will Prevent You From Swine flu Virus and it Will Also good For Skin And Joints Pains.

2. Basil (Tulsi)

Daily Morning Eat 5 Basil (Tulsi) Leaves that will prevent You from an H1N1 virus. Basil (Tulsi) has a therapeutic property. It keeps throat and lungs clear and helps in infections by way to Enhance your immunity System.

3. Camphor (Kapoor)

A small piece of camphor (Kapoor) should be taken once or twice a month. It can be absorbed with water by adults while children can take it along with mashed potatoes or banana because they will find it tough to have it without any aides. Please remember camphor (Kapoor) is not to be taken Daily, but only once each season or once a month.

Swine Influenza‬

4. Garlic

Those who can take Garlic must have two pods of raw garlic first thing in the morning. To absorb Everday with Warm water. Garlic too Enhance Immunity System like the Above Section.
Do Pranayam daily

5. Do Pranayam

Do Pranayam Daily and go for the morning walk regularly That will keep your Lungs and Thorat in Good Condition. It will work wonders for your body’s Fight against all diseases which attack the nose, throat and lungs Make You fit and Healthy.

6. Eat Citrus Fruits

Especially Vitamin C rich Amla (Indian gooseberry) juice. Since fresh Amla is Easily available in the market. Amla Juice Which have Vitamin c that Extremely good for Your Immunity system. it is not a bad Idea to buy packaged Amla juice which is commonly available Todays.

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