Also, the longest day in the year 21st of June is celebrated as International Yoga Day or Yoga Day Worldwide. Yoga was conceptualized in India. It not only keeps you fit with asanas but also keeps you focused and relaxes your mind through meditation.

Since people worldwide have understood the importance of Yoga, they started performing it. Classes are given virtually (youtube) as well as in centres. In fact, people who train at the gym also encourage Yoga.

June 21st, 2015 was officially declared as the international yoga day by UNGA (United Nation General Assembly)

The first ever International Yoga Day Celebrated across 198 countries.

The very next year in 21st, June 2016 the International Yoga Day was celebrated with great zeal and intensity. India’s Prime Minister has always taken part in this robust event. People of all age group take part in this huge event.

Although, We have seen the Yoga Master Baba Ramdev, who has worldwide recognition for his fit and flexible torso with regular Yoga Asanas.

For the first time ever the 3rd International Yoga Day was celebrated on the great wall of China.

The Indo-Tibetan border Police Also performed the Yoga Asanas at the -25 degree Celsius which was commendable.

Every year the enthusiasm for the yoga is increasing. With the busy and stressful life, anonymous gathering emerge every year for this lively and healthful day.

Every year Prime Minister Me. Narendra Modi participates and performs all the Yoga Asanas heartily and actively.

We expecting the numbers to increase more this year for the upcoming International Yoga Day which is 21st June 2018.

This time Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi is keen on Performing with the same zest. Promoting Healthy living along with the friendship among the countries.

The event organized every year is cost-free for maximum participation of the people across the globe. These kinds of Event should be promoted and look forward to coming every year.