There is the latest news related to Irrfan Neuroendocrine tumor disease (NET). The disease detected in Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan is actually in the category of extremely rare disease. The Neuroendocrine tumor disease occurs in just 5 out of a million people.

If this life-threatening disease, does not figure out in time, then it takes the form of fatal cancer. It begins with the formation of a tumor in the body. However, this disease is not incurable. Neuroendocrine tumor disease can be dangerous, if it does not get detected in time.

Irrfan neurorendocrine tumor disease

From last few days, Irfan Khan has remained ill and weak. Recently, Irfan Khan himself tweeted about this information, “Irfan Khan NeuroEndocrine Tumor Disease. Dr. Atul Tadaria, a neurologist at Bombay Hospital, says that the disease is very rare, but it is considered to be very serious. It can be in different parts of the body. Due to the defect of the endocrine hormone balance in the body for some reason, they start changing in the tumor.

About Irrfan Neuroendocrine Tumor Disease

By having Irrfan NeuroEndocrine Tumor Disease for a long time, it transforms into tumors. This disease has total three stages, out of which the third stage is considered to be quite serious. But there is a possibility of reducing risk by treating at the right time.

What is NeuroEndocrine Tumor Disease?

A neuroendocrine tumor is a tumor that occurs in the cells producing hormones for the body’s neuroendocrine system, i.e. cells where the hormones are produced by endocrine and nerve cells. Neuro-endocrine cells are in the whole body like lungs, stomach and intestines. Neuro-endocrine cells carry certain functions, such as maintaining the order of air in the body and operating blood through the lungs and performing tasks. In addition, these cells also control food supply to the rest of the body through the intestines and stomach.

Early Symptoms of NeuroEndocrine Tumor Disease

Sudden lump in any part of the body is the initial symptom of neuroendocrine tumors. It is very important in which part of the body it has spread and where it is spread. Apart from this, persistent pain on certain parts of the body, loss of appetite, weight loss, irritability, depression, confusion, nervousness, fatigue, fever, sweating, headache, jaundice are the main symptoms of this disease. Irrfan Khan had also Jaundice some time ago, which is an important symptom of neuroendocrine tumors.

Irfan started his tweet with a coat of writer Margaret Mitchell. He has written that it is not necessary that life will give us what we want or expect. We go ahead with the unthinkable things, I have lived like this is the last day of my life. Now it has come to know that I have neuroendocrine tumors. At last, he thanked his fans, saying thank you for waiting for my words. Send me wishes and I’ll update after some diagnosis.

Recently, Irrfan Khan was nominated and winner for Best Actor (Hindi Medium) in Filmfare Awards 2017. This was his 4th Filmfare award (Black Lady). Thank You for reading this article. Stay tuned to us as we will update you soon on the health condition of actor Irrfan Khan.