As the menstrual periods of a woman are late or disappear, the first thing is that pregnancy comes to her mind. But it is not necessary that women have missed the period only due to pregnancy. Although menstrual or periods are a normal procedure for women.

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A period is very important for every woman to arrive at the right time every month. Sometimes there may be a delay in the period due to some hormonal changes. There may be many factors behind it. Let us know which reasons are often delayed in periods.

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8 reasons when menstrual periods are missed, a menstrual missing reason for girls

Birth control pill intake

Consuming birth control pills may also be a reason for your miss period. Hormonal imbalances in the body begin to form due to the intake of anticonvulsant medicines. You may miss periods, due to this reason.

Thyroid Problem

Because thyroid gland is less activated or more active in the throat, the balance of the hormone in the body also worsens. You may miss menstrual, due to this reason.

Due to diabetes

There is a hormonal imbalance in your body due to sugar problem. Even if the level of blood sugar in your body is low or high. For this reason, the period may be irregular.

Increasing age

Growing age can also be a reason for an irregular period or a reason for not having a period. Even after 40 years of age, due to some problems, you miss the periods.


Women’s weight also affects Periods. Increasing obesity has a very bad effect on our brain’s glands. Because of this, the hormones in the body become decomposed and the periods may disappear.

Persistent stress

Stress is also one reason due to a hormone called estrogen and cortisol releases in the body. For this reason, the Periods become irregular.

Excessive exercise

Due to excessive exercise or physical exertion, the amount of estrogen hormones in the body is not sufficient to release. Hence the periods do not come on time.

Due to PCOS

It is a medical problem, that may incur in any woman. Women with irregular lifestyle and overweight do miss the period. In this situation, small cysts (cysts-lumps) in women’s ovary or ovary are produced and they make the process of normal ovulation complicated.


Here are some of the major reasons behind a Missed Menstrual Period.

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