Mobile Phone Radiation is Too Dangerous For Health

By | January 10, 2018

Stop Sleeping With Mobile Phone

Cell phones not only useful for making calls and receiving messages. Now the time has changed today all of us have a cell phone we can’t survive without mobile. we can’t sleep without the Mobile Phone. Despite health warnings of radiation, but we still keep our mobile near to pillow is not good for health.

Mobile Phone Radiation is Too Dangerous For Health

Mobile phone radiation is so harmful to you it causes cancer. it will increase the risk of eye vision problems. it also increases Chronic Pain. extra use of the mobile phone that effects on the Immune system and more chances of Illnesses. the cell phone also effects on the brain it will increase stress level.

Let’s See The Health Issues

Health Warnings

The First thing you should do is keep mobile phone away to reduce health risks and radiation exposure. It will reduce exposure to cell phone radiation. more use of mobile phone may be linked to cancer. Mental health and reproductive health issues occur when there is a high risk of radiation when frequency radio signals to transmit information, cell phones put us at risk of unhealthy radiation.

Mobile Phone Radiation is Too Dangerous For Health

Eye Vision & Immune System Problems

Daily more use of mobile phone will effect on your eye vision. regular use of smartphones will really affect the body’s immune system. it will increase the risk of Illnesses in your immune system.

Reproductive health

cell phone radiation can be destructive and will affect fertility, therefore, there are no studies that prove the statistics of this radiation and its impact. However, it is advisable to keep cell phones several feet away from one’s body. If cell phones are kept close to one’s body for a longer period, it can have harmful effects. As radiation affects the brain and can also lead to hormonal imbalance. Using cell phones for a longer period of time can impact sleep, long term sleep disturbances cause menstrual irregularities.

Experts Advise

Cellphones are very useful in daily life and it is not possible to completely stay away from them. It is Advise that a balance should be manages and cellphones have to be use with care and precaution. It usually effects on the central nervous system. Radiation from cellphones has the potential to cause cancer.

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