We sometimes see some people in our lives with red/pink eye conjunctivitis, we understand it as an allergy. But are we sure that it is some kind of allergy or are they dealing with infections? Red/ Pink eye conjunctivitis are common and can be cured easily but the amount of trouble they cause to our eyes are painful.

Eyes are so important in our lives. Save them from Red/Pink eye conjunctivitis. red/pink eye conjunctivitis

Know the term “conjunctivitis”, which becomes common during summer and peak during rainy seasons.  Asian countries dealing with a lot of dust can commonly have the dust allergies whereas infections from the pets and pollen can be found in other countries.

Just Inflammation is Red/Pink eye conjunctivitis!

Know different types of Red/Pink eye conjunctivitis. 

  • Bacterial conjunctivitis

  • It is typically seen as one eye gets red in the starting of bacterial conjunctivitis.
  •  The eye lately gets swollen  and eyelids stick together making it difficult to open
  • A yellow, green cream sometimes crusty discharges from the eye.
  • Sometimes pain is felt in the eye.
  • Mechanical irritation conjunctivitis
  • Irritation of the membrane is common in the eye is a common factor of mechanical irritation conjunctivitis.
  • Feeling sore burning and tearing sensation in the eye.
  • Viral conjunctivitis

  • This type is generally caused by cold.
  • The viral conjunctivitis is hard to stop as it comes back again with the symptoms of the cold.
  • The discharge is more of watery substance.
  • Allergic conjunctivitis

  • The allergic conjunctivitis is highly contagious conjunctiva.
  • You can see bump indicating allergies in the eye.
  • Also, you can have gritty feeling and feel a smelly eye.  red/pink eye conjunctivitis

Since we can know the kinds of allergies and infections that spread and irritate our eyes making it Red/Pink. Let’s also have a look at the basic and simple reasons that we commence in our day to day life for causing the Red/Pink eye conjunctivitis.

There are 8 reasons for causing Red/Pink eye.

  • A stye: small red bump on your eyelid or bottom edge of your eye formed causing pain.You can have more than one at the same time noticing it as a boil or a pimple.
  • Contact lens: The lenses become a barrier for the oxygen to reach the eye. if worn while sleeping it can cause redness, itchiness and in worst cases corneal ulcers.
  • Subconjunctival hemorrhage: The Subconjunctival hemorrhage is nothing but just a small injury that happens by the breakage of the blood vessel on the surface of the eye leaving a red patch.
  • Glaucoma: It is a disease that is caused by the damage to the optic nerve connecting the brain. The eye receives too much pressure in such case. It can even cause complete blindness.
  • Alcohol: Blood vessels in the eyes get dilated with the consumption of the alcohol leading to more blood flow. The more you drink the more redness in the eye is visible.
  • Less Sleep: Less sleep or insomnia can cause the blood vessels of the eyelid dilate. it can happen due to low oxygen traveling into the eye.