Becoming a mother is such a great feeling. Every woman dreams of having a child to take care of, to raise a family. But keeping a child for 9 months in her womb is a task.

A woman faces a lot of changes along with risks during pregnancy. Taking care of you and your baby should be on the utmost priority. Eating nutritious food and drinking juices and ample of water is recommended along with regular checkups.

Baby Dropping or the delivery time or the lightning. The lightning is termed as the labor approach time Baby Drop can be presumed when the baby comes out of the pelvis and you feel your stomach void. 

What is Baby Dropping?

During this, the delivery of women is approaching. For the women who are becoming first-time mothers, it starts a few weeks before the birth of a child. Women who become mothers for the second time, start them a few hours before the birth of the child. This is seen only in the last quarter. There is nothing to worry about this situation.

In baby dropping, the baby slips down from the uterus of the woman and starts coming towards the vagina. In such a case, the weight of the baby falls away from the stomach, lungs and rib cage and falls on the uterus and urinary bladder.

Symptoms of Baby Dropping:

At the time of Baby Dropping, such changes occur in women’s body which can be seen, the lower part of the female changes, the incidence of acidity and chest burn reduces, the woman often has to release urine. And she can breathe easily. As chest burn reduces, women can easily eat the food and their mood remains good.

Early Sign of Labour Pain

Pain in the stomach:

Pain in your stomach is a common symptom associated with labour pain. She will feel like menstruation / menstrual pain. There will also be a pain in your stomach and parts around the uterus. Muscles in these parts will also cause pain.

Pain in the lower part of the body:

As the baby starts moving downwards, the weight remains on your lower back. As a result, the pain starts completely. Keeping the bottle of hot water on the stomach will provide relief to that place. Getting a massage from your spouse will also give you relief in pain.

Contraction in muscles:

The contraction will start as a baby dropping gradually your uterine muscles will start to contract. As long as you do not have Labour Pain, this contraction keeps going.

Note: Doctors Recommend to drink Castor oil in Milk 10 days before delivery so the pain lessens and the baby slips easily without taking much time.

When is Baby Dropping happens?

It will not be easy to tell when baby dropping starts, since every woman’s body is different and works according to her own stamina. You can not compare a woman to another. It can be told that baby drop starts after the fetus completes the 35 weeks.

Keep yourself prepared for the time of baby dropping

When you feel that your child is moving downwards then you do not panic. This verb is in sequence. The baby will gradually grow from the uterus to the vagina. After that, your water will leave. There will be contractions after watering. This entire process takes up to a few weeks. Keep up the patience, do not rush about anything. Slowly it will be all right.

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