Dubai: Bollywood superstar Sridevi died due to cardiac arrest in Dubai hotel on Saturday 24 February night. Two days ago, on February 22, Sridevi had joined happily the niece Mohit Marwah’s wedding ceremony with husband Boni Kapoor and daughter. With the death of Sridevi, the question arose that what happened to her in the last time.

The dead body of Sridevi will come back to Mumbai today

Boney Kapoor informed that the body of late Sridevi Kapoor will be brought to India on Monday. He said that we will provide the information about this. He requested media not to contact the family members on everything related to it.

Let us tell you that according to the rules of the UAE, Sridevi’s dead body is currently in the custody of the local police. It is being told that after the post-mortem report, their relatives will be handed over to Dead Body.

What had happened before the Sridevi death

According to the hotel staff, “About 10.30 am, Sridevi had called the room service and asked for water. When the staff went to give her water within 15 minutes, but after many times of knocking and doorbell, she did not open the door. After a few minutes, the staff has informed the hotel manager and other staff about the possibility of any harm. All of them went into the bathroom, after breaking the door. By that time there were around 11 o’clock in the night. At that time her heartbeats were running.”

With this, the hotel staff told that despite being healthy, Sridevi was feeling uncomfortable. It may be that due to the rush of wedding ceremonies, this may have happened. She was rushed to the Rashid Hospital where she was declared dead due to cardiac arrest.

sridevi death

Difference between Cardiac Attack & Heart Attack

The cause of heart attack, cardiac arrest can be one, but these are two separate stages. Being Heart Attack or Heart Stop Working (Cardiac Arrest), it sounds like the same, but the meaning of both in medical science is quite different. Actually, the heart is a muscle that needs oxygen and blood circulation, like the other muscle, and this work is done through the arteries. When these arteries are blocked i.e. when the supply of blood is disturbed for some reason or it is affected and the heart attack comes. In this situation, the heart continues to supply blood to other parts of the body.

Symptoms of cardiac arrest

Feeling chest pain, shortness of breath, weakness, dizziness, nervousness. During cardiac arrest, the patient suddenly loses their consciousness. They also do not give any feedback physically. There breath and sense also stop suddenly. In fact, the heartbeat in the cardiac arrest, so the pulse starts falling. Gradually the blood is stopped from reaching all the parts of the body and this leads to the death of the patient.

If a person has had a heart attack or heart failure, then the risk of cardiac arrest is greatly increased. It occurs due to the accumulation of stalemate fat (cholesterol) in the blood vessels. So if your mother or father has a history of suffering from this disease. Then you should be cautious about it.

Sridevi death

Sridevi Death

Along with that, one thing has been disclosed that during the death of Sridevi, husband Boney Kapoor was not there because he had returned to Mumbai. However, Sridevi was stopped there because her paintings had to be exhibited and auctioned.

May the legend Sridevi’s soul rest in peace. ThankYou for reading. Team FitLifePedia.