Tips to Stay healthy this winter

Heloo Guyyzzz… Here is a new column from our website to Stay healthy this winter. When the temperature drops down, and you feel that your immune system isn’t up to the mark. Then you must read this article, it has some important points that anyone can follow to stay healthy this winter season. We can define winter season as season of cold and flu.

Stay healthy this winter

1. Stay dehydrated

Water is essential for our body. Make a habit of drinking plenty of water in your day time. Though you may not feel like drinking water, but it is important that you make priority to drink water to stay dehydrated, It will give more energy to your body.

2. Eat a healthy diet

Try to set raw foods in your diet chart such as fruits, vegetables, sprouts, fresh herbs and nuts. Raw foods contains high volume of anti-oxidant and fibre. Fibre plays an important role in helping to prevent serious health conditions.

3. Wear proper clothes

Keep yourself covered when going out in the winter season. Use clothes that are efficient to prevent you from cold winds outside. Wear scarf or muffler on your neck. Cover your ear with the clothes. Stay safe during winter season. Wear gloves in your hand.

4. Exercise Daily

Exercise can boost your mood. In winter, it might take a little longer to break into a sweat but you’ll gain overall benefits of exercise. Exercise will help to warm your body and improve immunity system to fight against the cold and flu.

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5. Take Sun bath

In winter, exposure of your skin in sunlight is very essential. Our body gets Vitamin D from sunlight. So walk outside your home to enjoy healthy sun bath.

6. Sleep Well

Sleeping well is the most important to protect your immune system from weakening and making you uncomfortable by cold and flu. Poor sleep can affect your concentration and mood. Get atleast seven to eight hours of deep sleep during night. Good Health is a state of complete physical and mental well-being.

7. Drink Ginger Tea

Drinking hot tea is a tasty way to improve hydration during winter. Ginger tea or Mint tea is best option during cold season. You can also try lemon tea.

8. Moisturize your body

The biggest problem in winter is dry skin. So to avoid this problem, you need to moisturize your body with lotion daily soon after shower. Apply lip balm to heal cracked lips. Avoid licking your lips. Soak your feet in warm water, then apply some cream over it. Nourish your hands with proper care as it is the only part from body which continues to work in winter also. 

9. Stay Alert

The most important thing is to stay alert while doing every activity in your daily lifestyle. From drinking water to wearing clothes and from taking sun bath to going outside with family or colleagues. Make sure proper vaccination will be done, if any kind of disease happens anyone in family.

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