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The Acidity sometimes can be painful and mischievous. The problems created by Acidity are not avoidable. Acidity can happen to anyone or anytime. What if acidity has attacked you. Don’t worry here we are with top 10 Home Remedies For Acidity which you can find anywhere.

Acidity is caused by many different Conditions. Acidity occurs when there is excess secretion of acids in the gastric glands of the stomach.  The main causes which are considered are Spicy food, lack Fiber Intake,  Alcohol Consumption, Stress, Empty Stomach, Gaps in Meal or many other things. These cause the symptoms like heartburn or acid reflux or others.

Home remedies for acidity

Home Remedies For Acidity & Gas Problem

The acid reflux remedy and treatments are here for the people who are looking for home remedies for acidity and natural remedies for acid reflux. These home remedies are for acidity, gas, and stomach and also these home remedies are going to help in acidity pain and gas problem. The home remedies for acidity works best for chest pain. If you are been asking for how to cure acidity permanently and what is the best medicine for acidity in the stomach then here are the best medicine for acidity and gas.

Acidity and Gastric Problem

This will answer the question of how to reduce acidity and gas problem, first know about acidity symptoms above and later know the acidity problem solution. Other than this also check out the home remedies for gas and home remedies for heartburn relief. If you want to get how to cure acidity and gastric problem or how to cure gas problem permanently then you can also try acidity cure by yoga or there are other solutions as well for acidity treatment in Ayurveda.

How to Cure Acidity Permanently

Want to know how to reduce stomach acid and gas naturally and what to eat in acidity problem? then you may also like to know how to cure gastric problem permanently first know the problem that is acid reflux symptoms chest pain and then you will find the acid reflux treatment here. Follow above the home remedies for gas and acidity.

10 Home Remedies to Cure Acidity

1. Basil Leaves – Acidity Home Remedies

Basil Leaves

The best one in Home Remedies for Acidity. The properties like soothing and carminative bring out Basil Leaves at first place because basil leaves provide you instant relief from acidity. Just remember. When First gas appears, eat out basil leaves or boil 3 – 4 leaves and let it roll for few minutes then just sip after. Regularly use basil leaves to get relief from acidity and gas problem.

2. Cinnamon – Acid Reflux Treatment


Cinnamon works best for home remedies for acidity and gas problems. To make digestion and absorption good, You just need to take Cinnamon. Cinnamon helps to cure infections in the gastrointestinal tract. Cinnamon can use in a tea or just by boiling water and add some cinnamon powder or else add into soup or salad.

3. Fennel – Home Remedies For Acidity and Gas


fennel aka Sauf is used to prevent acidity just chewing after the meal and it helps digestion and releasing the gas. Fennel may answer the question of how to cure acidity permanently, follow these home remedies for gas & acidity problem.

4. Jaggery – Home Remedies For Acidity Pain


Ooo.. those elders have already told us to finish the meal with Gur. Because the Gur aka Jaggery contains High magnesium which helps increase intestinal strength. Jaggery thus aids digestion and makes our digestive system alkaline which reduces stomach acidity. Get a small piece of jaggery and suck it to get benefits. Jaggery also maintains stomach temperatures. So Suck out in temperatures. Jaggery will help against in for how to cure acidity.

5. Ginger  – Best Medicine For Acidity and Gas


Ginger helps to cure acidity and gas problem by its properties of anti-inflammatory and also neutralize the stomach acids. Just chew a slice of fresh ginger, or have ginger juice 2 – 3 times a day or go with an boiling water mixed ginger well steered and drink up.

6. Cumin Seeds – Home Remedies For Gas

Cumin Seeds

Cumin Seeds can also be a great reliever from acidity as Cumin Seeds work as an acid neutralizer. Also, aids digestion and give relief from Stomach pain. Just Roast, Crush, Steer the seeds in boiling water and drink it after every meal to get benefits.

7. Cloves – Best Medicine For Gas and Acidity


Cloves are used indifferent medicine with home remedies for acidity and gas problems because cloves are carminative in nature and prevent the gas formation, Use the cloves while cooking foods or directly chew and digest the juice which is released or have crushed cloves and cardamon in equal amount to treat acidity as well treat bad breath.

8. Cold Milk – Acid Reflux Cure

Cold Milk

Lactose  Intolerant. Don’t worry Cold Milk is here. Cold Milk helps to stabilize gastric acids, Calcium Rich Cold Milk prevents building up acid in the stomach. If you are suffering from Acidity just drink up Cold Milk that’s it.

9. Butter Milk – Acid Reflux Treatment

Butter Milk

Everybody beloved ‘Chaas‘ is here, Yup, the buttermilk will help on how to cure acidity. Just eaten a spicy food or had a heavy acid, leave the antacid and just have a ‘Chaas‘ a.k.a ‘Buttermilk‘. Buttermilk takes on acidity in the stomach by attacking it with lactic acid. Mix buttermilk with the sprinkle of black pepper or have some coriander leaves. And enjoy.

10. Banana – Home Remedies For Acidity


One of the best and simplest home remedy for acidity and gas problem is Banana. Banana naturally contains antacid, that backups against acid reflux. Just eat out one a day and prevent acidity and say goodbye.

Bonus: Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Having much acid in your stomach gives you wild. Don’t worry Apple Cider Vinegar is here for home remedies for acidity. Get Raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar mixes 1-2 teaspoons with a cup of water and drink for twice or thrice a day.

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