It is not far when a person doesn’t need to eat from their own hands. As science has discovered many inventive machines that help in our daily routine. Today we are telling you about a very new invention that was made by some British company.

There is a picture that is going viral on the internet from last few days. A British condom company claiming that they have discovered the world’s first smart condom and they have given the name i.Con to it, as seen in the image. It is a lightweight water resistant ring that will sit over a condom at the base of the penis.

World's first smart condom

i.Con is not technically a condom but it takes records of your performance on the bed. You can also check the report of your performance on the official website of the manufacturers. Also, share the report with another user over the website. It can be used many times. It is available on the website of the British Condom maker at a price of £59.99 (British pounds) that equals to Rs. 5222.10 (Indian Rupees).

    What is world’s first smart condom?

According to the makers, it is similar to a fitness tracker that is available in the market. This device also tracks your vital data while you’re engaged in sexual intercourse. While releasing their official poster, they announced to be sold the world’s first smart condom at the very reasonable price.

     Some important stats that i.Con measures are

  • Duration of session
  • Calories burnt during sexual intercourse
  • Average skin temperature
  • Various Position used during sex
  • Perimeter measurement
  •  Number & speed of push, Overall Average of push

i.Con the world’s first smart condom is equipped with nanochip with a USB port. It is a rechargeable device which takes approx. 6 to 8 hours to charge. It is an adjustable device and can be paired with a bluetooth device.

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