You can go to any hotel and drink water and use the washroom. Whether it is a 3-star hotel or a 5 star. There are many such rights, which are common, but most people are not aware of them. You can use these rights after knowing them. If someone stops you from doing so, you can take legal action against him. Today we are going to tell 10 human rights which every Indian should know. Get more health tips, healthy living tips from here.

10 human rights

10 human rights, every Indian should know (especially married)

  1. While driving, if your blood is found an alcohol level of 30 mg per 100 ml of blood. Then the police have the right to arrest you without any warrant.
  2.  When a police officer denies writing an FIR complain of you. There is a law that the officer may have the punishment of 6 to 12 months.
  3. Not a single hotel or restaurant can stop you from drinking water free of cost and from going to the washroom.
  4. If any of the married men have the physical relationship with an unmarried girl or widow with their consent, then it is not an offense according to the Indian law.
  5. If an adult couple wants to stay in a live-in-relationship with their consent, then it is not an illegal act.
  6. A policeman is always on a duty. If he/she has not worn their uniform, that doesn’t mean they are not liable to help the needy.
  7. If you have fined a challan, then on the same day you will not be fined for the same guilt.
  8. No company has the right to fire a pregnant woman.
  9. If you are not getting the salary from your office, you have a legal right to file a case against the boss in the office.
  10. If you are found to be obscene in a public place, then you may get a legal punishment of 3 months.

These are some of the important human rights that you might not aware of. Please share the article with your friends and family to stay them updated with the knowledge.

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