Buying a Leather bag is an easy thing to do, but their long-term care is important. Keeping a good protection cream and separate pouch for your makeup and lotion, these are some habits that can increase the age of your leather bag. Let us know, there are some special tips from which you can increase the age of your leather bag.

How to take care of your leather bag?

You should take care of your leather bag from the first day – a good protection cream or treatment should be taken once in 2 or 3 months. There is no blurring, growing weary or other troubles later. Keep your leather bag in front or put a cotton pillowcase in it. Keep in mind that you do not store them in plastic or vinyl because the moisture comes in.

Increase the life of leather bag

Put something in your bag that keeps the shape right. Scarf, Sweaters, or Acid-free tissue paper or a handbag are the best options. 

The use of baby wipes, vinegar etc. is not correct to remove the stain. Most of the substances contain chemical elements and these may cause the color to dry, leather can dry and many kinds of problems can occur.

If the ink stains, take the bag to a professional, but if this is not possible, then use Ink Removal products, and follow the instructions given. Keep in mind the place after this and dry it properly.

Always keep your cosmetics in a pouch so that the substance is not spread in any way. Also, keep the pen in the pouch.

If your hand cream is attached then keep your bag away from you for not wearing the stains of Grease. If you have any type of grease, then remove it without water.

Most labels have in-house leather care ranges, so be sure to know before buying. Some bags contain precious metals, so learn from stores to learn how to clean these accessories separately.

After the rain or winter time, place the bag in the sunlight so that it can dry and its air.

The leather is permeable and it is not fully waterproof. Experts say that applying the coat of seed wax reduces the actual brightness of the leather bag.

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