Clear and Fresh Air has been so difficult. With the rising population and their choices to transport from their own vehicles have remarkably increased smog which clears the clean and fresh air. In India crackers during Diwali festival was ban in Delhi, Capital state, to reduce the pollution in the air.

The cities are anyways more filled with buildings rather greenery, Which doesn’t solve the problem of clean.air. Instead of problems, we have a solution for you to evolve out.

Let’s go green! Plant some fresh air for a living.

There is a plant that generates oxygen at night which means you can get fresh air at night as well.

  1. The Mother-In-Law plant( generates oxygen at night), also known as the bedroom plant. for one person Six to eight high waist plants.
  2. The Arcea Palm Plant, favouring fresh air by absorbing harmful pollutants. For one person four shoulder length Arcea Palm.
  3. The Money Plant, requires regualr watering but is senstive to too much sunlight. Indirect sunlight is preferable.

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plants to get clean air

7 plants to get clean air at home garden

Basil (तुलसी)

This is a traditional medicine, which is grown in most of the houses. It is effective in common cold and pain relief. On headache, you can rub the basil on the forehead. The pack of basil brings a glow to the face too.


It acts as antiseptic. Break the top of it and stir it in boiling water and vaporize on the face. Use its flower juice to remove old stains.

Lemon (नींबू)

This is a great medicine. Its consumption boosts the immunity. In addition, it has a wonderful effect on a disease like vomiting, diarrhoea and loose motion. It is beneficial to use it with Multani soil in acne. Read more health tips related to stomach from here. Know about plants to get clean air at your indoor.

Peppermint (पुदीना)

Mint pulp tea is beneficial in case of problems like digestion and dizziness. The tea of fresh leaves helps in problems of cramping, nausea, and flatulence in the stomach. It also works as a natural medicine for cold-cough.

Mehandi (हिना)

Consume with cinnamon to cure mood and to treat cold. This shrub grows in the sunshine. Drinking a pinch of Mehndi tea helps remove seasonal diseases and disorders.

Camphor (कपूर)

This is the most important medicine to be grown in Indian homes. Gargle the camphor leaves pour in warm water to treat a sore throat or cold. Doing this saves a sore throat. Get all the health tips from FITLIFEPEDIA.

Celery (अजवायन)

It is abundant in antioxidant and antiseptic. Grow it in dry and light soil and sunlight. For the treatment of colds, drink tea made from it before sleeping. By taking roasted celery on an empty stomach, the problem of the stomach will be gone.