Here are Vastu Tips for good health. Read the article completely to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Remove Vastu Dosh with these Vastu Shashtra Tips. Sometimes people get sudden problems in their life. The problems may come from home, job or with the partner. Here are Vastu Dosh Nivaran methods. 

Vastu Tips for good health

There is a famous quote “Health is wealth.” Health is wealth means where there is health, wealth is possible. Without health, if you have wealth, there is an end. According to this quote, people should concentrate on their health. The food we eat, the air in which we breathe is all not the responsible for your health problems. There are many other reasons such as Vastu Dosh which is also responsible for health issues.

Vastu Tips for good health

There are Vastu remedies to remove Vastu Dosh. People have to follow such daily Vastu Tips for good health. Regardless of all other remedies for a healthy life, if the Vastu is avoided, then there can be health related issues in the family. Vastu for health is related to the faculty of cosmic science, where it targets the positive energy of the house, which not only improves the physical and mental health of the individual and his / her family but also their overall fitness.

Every house has some kind of Vastu Dosh, so there is no reason to worried about. We have some great ideas to remove Vastu Shashtra Dosh and read each Vastu Tips in Marathi here. Apart from improving the physical and mental health of a person, the biggest benefit of Vastu for health is that within the body 7 chakras become active and balanced. The positive energy arising from good Vastu is widely responsible for balancing the seven chakras and helps in finding the inner peace of the person and leading a quick and healthy life.

Vastu Tips for good health

Vastu Shashtra Health Tips | Vastu Tips for money problems

  • Do not keep dirt in any corner of your house, because dirt provokes anger.
  • Do not keep any heavy luggage in the east direction.
  • Light the agarbatti stick in the evening.
  • Always sleep with heads towards east direction.
  • Put the water on the sun every day.
  • Do not use red color in the house, neither the paint is red in the house nor the bedsheets and curtains.
  • Don’t put eatables waste in the drain of the house.
  • Hang the calendar on the walls of your house, so that when you get angry, then you can keep busy with this calendar.
  • North-East is the direction of flowing water. Put some water in this direction.

Vastu tips for good health and wealth in Hindi

According to the Vastu, keeping the unused medicines in the house, brought a negative mental image of the previous illness. So, remove the unused medicines immediately from the house. 

Vastu Tips for Bedroom/Living room

According to Vastu, the bedroom location should be in the south-west or north-west direction and should be kept in the same corner. This will increase love and trust between husband and wife. Try not to eat in a bedroom or if not possible, then at least try not to eat in North-East and South-East corner.

Here are some Vastu Tips for good health and well being. You must include these Vastu tips for good health and wealth.