Is alcohol healthy for the body? drinking alcohol benefits How much alcohol one should drink? health benefits of drinking alcohol & also advantages of alcohol

Is alcohol healthy for the body, drinking alcohol benefits,How much alcohol one should drink,health benefits of drinking alcohol,advantages of alcohol

New Study Suggests that Drinking Alcohol May Help You Live Longer

You have seen many of alcohol benefits and asked many questions like is alcohol healthy for the body or how much alcohol on should drink? As you have also searched for drinking alcohol benefits and what are disadvantages or advantages of alcohol. There are been many articles on health benefits of drinking alcohol and also that drinking will be healthy or not.


Some of who are already drinking are thinking that alcohol is good for health. So here are the latest update guys who are consuming or not, and will give you the reason why should you chuck the one or healthy one. The study was done drinking alcohol and it comes to that alcohol has got anti-aging properties and some other benefits which are going to help and encourage the longer life. And this is the reason, you would go for a drink.

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The research came into presence when it was published at the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual conference. And at this conference, there was Claudia Kawas to present this scientific research, that drinking two glasses of wine or beer a day will help one avoid premature death as this would reduce the risk of it. And thus also one of the advantages of drinking alcohol is that it will help in compare to exercising. Now you have the answer to your question that is alcohol healthy for the body.


To get better result of finding the drinking alcohol benefits, The team of Kawas did a research on a study which was earlier done by UC Irvine’s Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders. The study was called the 90+ study, In the study, research was done on the people who lived a long life and how do they do that and also what lifestyle practices they followed. And it comes to all on one question How much alcohol one should drink?


Is alcohol healthy for the body

The researchers come to the conclusion that people who tend to go for a beer or two glass of wine a day have 18 percent lesser chance of earlier death. And also in comparing the candidates who had exercised for 15 – 45  minutes a day were at 11 percent to lower the risk of earlier death. So coming to health benefits of alcohol this may have come to best of them in the long list of assumptions of drinking alcohol benefits. Here all the alcohol drinkers have got one more advantage of alcohol but only in a limit.


Kawas said I believe that a modest drinking helps in increasing long life and there is no need for any more explanation on this.

If there’s still any queries on drinking alcohol benefits so here are some of the best examples that will result in you believing in benefits of drinking alcohol.


The guy named Mark Behrends lived for 110 age were the reason was that he was drinking a beer every day and on the time of  3 o’clock.

And another name Agnes Fenton who lived up to 112 was drinking beers and that too with a shot of whiskey.


This is to not encourage someone drinking as we are just looking for health benefits of drinking alcohol that too if drink within limits. So now is the best time to call out your friends and have a cold one.