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A student of UP Mainpuri has prepared an anti-rape underwear designed with the help of technology. In order to control the incidents of rape and molestation of women and girls across the country. B.Sc. student named Sheenu Kumar has claimed to have prepared an undergarment through a technique that it will protect women to a great extent and prevent in cases of rape. Let’s know about this underwear.

Anti Rape Underwear

Sheenu belongs to a farmer family

Sheenu Kumari, a student of BSc final year, a resident of Farrukhabad village, is currently living in mainpuri. She, born in a family of a farmer, is a biology student, but she has prepared a modern undergarment doing her self-study.

Anti-Rape Underwear with Sensor

Sheenu has installed sensors in underwear. There is also an audio recorder in the undergarment, which will record the voice of that person who is trying to rape or molest a female. It can also be used as a proof when police need in the operation. All the gadgets in undergarment are password-protected, which can be operated with password only.

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According to the sheenu Kumari, the underwear is blade proof. She has used blade proof fabric in underwear which cannot be cut or torn easily. In addition, she has installed sensors in it, which will bring information to the police in the emergency.

Menka Gandhi also seen the invention

Shinu Kumari has displayed the project in front of Union Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi. The Union Minister has appreciated it and sent it to the technical experts in Ahmedabad. Sheenu wants that if the government helps them, then this experiment can play a role in the product and play an important role in women’s protection.

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