After filming for the romantic movies, Kristen Stewart is all set to change her look for her upcoming movie “Underwater”. Though Kristen Stewart workout routine and diet plan for the tough look is worth watching. The movie is an Underwater center on an underwater scientific crew that, after facing an earthquake, are forced to go on a dangerous journey for survival. The story has been described as an underwater Armageddon.

Underwater: Kristen Stewart Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Stewart looks are tough and sharp. Kristen Stewart has always performed a tender and fragile girl for the movies like Twilight. This time she is coming up with an entirely different form. She is working hard for the film which can be seen in the video. Kristen is also coming up with a biography film naming JT Leroy where she is playing the role a young woman named Savannah Knoop who spends six years pretending to be the celebrated author JT LeRoy, the made-up literary persona of her sister-in-law.

Underwater: Kristen Stewart Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Let’s Get Started With Some Exercise To Shred Some Of Our Unwanted Fat And Calories. Stewart has started weight training for her movie Snow White and The Huntsman. Due to her lean body and great metabolism she never felt the need for the gym. Though she keeps herself fit, active and in shape with the  Bikram Chaudhary yoga.

Kristen Stewart adopted the  Bikram Choudhury yoga, which started in the early 1970’s. the hot yoga incorporates 26 poses. These poses are:Kristen Stewart Workout Routine

  1. Triangle Pose
  2. Wind Removing Pose
  3. Cobra Pose
  4. Hands to Feet Pose
  5. Toe Stand Pose
  6. Tree Pose
  7. Eagle Pose
  8. Fixed Firm Pose
  9. Full Locust Pose
  10. Bow Pose
  11. Head To Knee Pose with Stretching Pose
  12. Camel Pose
  13. Spine Twisting Pose
  14. Standing Head To Knee Pose
  15. Half Tortoise Pose
  16. Dead Body Pose
  17. Locust Pose
  18. Rabbit Pose
  19. Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose
  20. Awkward Pose
  21. Standing Deep Breathing
  22. Balancing Stick Pose
  23. Standing Bow Pulling Pose
  24. Half Moon Pose withHands To Feet Pose
  25. Blowing In Firm Pose
  26. Standing Separate Leg Head To Knee Pose
  • Kristen Stewart follows swimming every day to keep herself fit and active. Swimming also refreshes and relaxes the mind and body.
  • Apart from yoga and swimming, Kristen Stewart Workout Routine includes dance. Dance is another form of exercise where full-body muscles are toned. Music whereas releases stresses and help motivate our moves to shed extra calories.
  • To perform a role of a princess she had to hit the gym.
  • Gyming has become a part of her daily life routine. Where she dedicatedly exercises.
  •  Pushups and Squats are the basic exercises that Kristen Stewart Workout Routine performs daily.
  •  She also does pull-ups and pilates along with resistance training with lighter weights.

Underwater: Kristen Stewart Workout Routine And Diet Plan 

Kristen Stewart have a substantiality to galop any kind of food! Though, her favorite cuisine is Mexican food. Her love for the Mexican food is irresistible. She is also good at making Mexican dishes.

To satisfy her sweet tooth desire, she is competent at baking pies. Though she fulfills her desire entirely but also make sure to lose the extra intake.

  • Kristen Stewart Diet Plan Is Effortless.
  • She does not follow a strict diet, unlike other actresses.
  • Stewart believes in eating a lighter meal with the low fat.
  • She is fond of cheese filled pasta.
  • Kristen loves red meat tossed in butter for lunch or dinner.
  • For a sweet tooth, she fills her appetite with pies and tarts.
  • Kristen Stewart diet tips also advised avoiding drinking and smoking to stay healthy.

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