To maintain the fitness like Johny Depp is not an easy task. But that doesn’t mean you don’t. Get Johny Depp Workout Routine & Johny Depp daily routine from the diary of Johny Depp. Compare the Johny Depp Workout Regime with other actors available on our website. The workout of Johny Depp for Pirates of the Carribean (Series) was based on Johny Depp Diet Plan and Johny Depp Secret Fitness.

The Johny Depp workout plan followed by weight training that includes deadlifts, bench press and lat pull downs. And for diet six meals a day. Also doing the workout for 6 days. The interval training was also added into workout regime from incline bench press to fly presses & dips to pull-ups to push-ups, and later Johny was able to lift 115-pound dumbbells.

Johny Depp Workout Routine

Johny Depp Workout Routine & Fitness Secret

Before preparing for exercise: Johny Depp diet includes a large bowl of boiled potato or eat three to four bananas at least half an hour before the exercise. He also drinks a glass of glucose water approximately 20 minutes before the exercise. According to Johny Depp, by taking a pre-workout diet, you are increasing your stamina for a heavy workout.

Advantage: The Johny Depp Workout Schedule give him plenty of strength. This Workout Timing prepares Johny Depp for extra stamina and increases his power. Hence, Johny Depp killer looks in Pirates of the Carribean.

After working for given hours, Johny can easily check his stamina for workouts. Hence, he can grow his stamina by following some good gym workout tips.

Workout Schedule: Choosing a correct workout schedule is very important part of a gym. You should always follow a correct timing suit according to your body stamina. Check some best workout routine and exercise tips on our website.

Johny Depp Workout Routine & Diet: Here is the Johny Depp Diet Plan and Johny Depp Secret Diet Plan. Check Jack Sparrow Workout Routine for Pirates Series. Johny is currently busy with his upcoming movie  Sherlock Gnomes. Many times Johny grabbed the fittest actor on planet title. Check out how Johny Depp maintained a fitness level that we all see in his many of the movies.

Johny Depp Workout Routine

Johny Depp Exercise Tips


  • Warm up the legs.
  • Collect the necessary accessories for the squat and keep someone with you.
  • You have to set five sets of squats.
  • Each set will be of just five rap.
  • The most important thing is with this, put the weight, in which your full strength is used.
  • Keep a little less weight in the first set but less does not mean ten to twenty kilos.
  • In the third set, you put that weight, in which you can feel the full life.
  • This is the same in the fourth and fifth.
  • The rap will remain only five Learn to squat correctly.

Flat bench:

  • Five sets on flat bench, five wraps.
  • Put the maximum weight in the third set.
  • Have someone with you
  • Your squat will increase during the squat, so here you will easily be able to lift heavy weights.

Barbell row:

  • Five sets, five wraps.
  • Hold the bar on the width of the shoulders and put that weight out so that you can get five wraps.
  • When this heavyweight is found in this case, the body becomes a bit straightforward.
  • There is no need to forcefully bend.
  • The hand grip on the rod and the grip of the feet on the ground should be strong.

Try any of the above workout routines under professional or expert. Try at your own risk. Team FITLIFEPEDIA