Celebrity Fitness Workout of UFC Fighter WWE Wrestler Ronda Rousey Workout Routine Diet Plan. Also, check Ronda Rousey Best Diet  Healthy Diet Meal Plan Abs Workout Exercise Routine. Rouda Rousey Workout Video

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Ronda Rousey Workout Regime & Diet Chart | UFC Fighter | WWE Wrestler

The legendary UFC Fighter and now WWE Wrestler Ronda Rousey has known for her moves in Ring whether it is UFC or WWE Royal Rumble or UFC 19. After signing the contract with WWE, Ronda can be seen in Wrestlemania 2018 for the tag team championship or another single event. The Ronda Rousey is like beauty with fighter’s body. She has won Olympic medals and raised as an MMA and UFC Fighter and gone to win 18 fights consecutively.

The fitness level of Ronda Rousey is unmatchable while seeing her fighting skills in the ring. After being defeated by Holm and now she is regaining success in WWE Wrestler this is due to the Workout Routine and Diet Plan Ronda Rousey has followed. The fitness training for UFC is tough to follow and such for WWE as well, though Ronda Rousey Workout Routine and Diet Plan as per the fitness training. The best diet meal plan is needed as per workout plan and that’s why the Ronda Rousey’s Workout Regime and Diet Chart Contains workout program and diet plan which helps her for abs workout and exercise routine.

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Ronda Rousey Workout Routine

The fighting needs to more of skills and fighting energy thus for to best in business there is a need for the best workout program and diet routine as per that. The Ronda Rousey intense workout routine for UFC fights or WWE matches the workout plan is decided for six hours of training for six days a week. While training for fights she is trained with the help of a trainer thus there is exercise routine and boxing to be in best fighting shape.

The workout routine of Ronda Rousey starts by stretching while stretching she goes for knees, hips, and shoulders and starts with getting the body warmed up for the training session. The warming up leads to lowering the risk of injury and so this adds flexibility and heating up the muscles. Also, Round Rousey workout comes in for a jumping rope of 10 minutes.

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The next exercise routine of Ronda is going to heavy bag and hitting it hard. Throwing punches at heavy bag increases her skill to develop great footwork. The punching round goes about 10 to 12 minutes and then throwing punches in a ring for 10 minutes of rounds that is 12 to 15 rounds. The punching is great exercise routine for Ronda Rousey and that’s the reason she gets perfect punching shots.

The abs workout of Ronda Rousey is doing crunches and that too about 2000 crunches. The main aspect of fighting is not to build muscles but to have power, strength, and quickness and thus she does not follow hardcore workout session.

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Ronda Rousey Workout Regime for UFC & WWE

To give the best performance in fights Ronda Rousey workout and training session becomes hard before two months of a fight and as per diet and nutrition is changes according to workout regime of Ronda Rousey. The ab workout of ronda rousey is tough as hell well you can see that in ronda rousey workout video also to get clearity with workout the diet is important too. The ronda rousey training is an open workout you can see in youtube ronda rousey training  and ronda rousey practice. Above you can see the ronda rousey warrior diet 2018 where the supplements are included in her breakfast.

The six days workout routine of Ronda Rousey is as follows:

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Ronda Rousey Workout Routine For Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

The workout session for these days starts getting a fight with opponent thus warming up by punching while not getting any injury. This routine of training starts for 3 rounds and that leads up to six rounds of punches. And because of this Workout Training of Ronda, she able to maintain stamina in the real fight that is of 5  rounds. The main motive of Ronda Workout training is getting speed and give the power to an opponent. Later in evening, she hits the gym for enhancing the defensive skills or the other exercise routine training of Ronda is a swimming workout.

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Ronda Rousey Workout Routine For Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays

For these days Ronda Rousey Training is decided as per which starts with wrestling, punching bag work, also judo, grappling, and take-downs and also cardio exercises such as running or stair workout. There’s more to work out of Ronda Rousey that includes skipping rope for getting power into legs. Also, the Saturday exercise routine of Ronda Rousey has mountain runs and long runs.

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Ronda Rousey Workout Routine For Sunday

So, this athlete also needs a rest like any other fighter thus this day is for getting rest to a body, for which she goes for physical therapy, ice bath.

Ronda Rousey Workout Video

Ronda Rousey Abs Workout

Ronda Rousey Diet Plan

To keep the body energized and give the body essential nutrients there is a need for best diet plan after a strict workout routine. As per the interview of Ronda Rousey, she follows dolce diet. The dolce diet of Ronda Rousey includes only eating clean and the diet follows whole foods. The diet of Ronda Rousey is getting muscle energized and let them recover which is decided as per Ronda’s workout. Check out below the full diet of Ronda Rousey.

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Rouba Rousey Diet Chart

Breakfast: The diet plan of Ronda is to have obv, some coffee and chia bowl with fruit. And after the workout, she opts for blackberries with coconut war for breakfast. The diet follows chia seeds 2tbsp, hemp seeds of 2 tbsp,  cup raisins ¼, almond butter 1 tbsp also oats 2 tbsp of agave nectar. For coffee, she goes for stevia, raw coconut oil, grass-fed butter on top of that cinnamon.

Lunch: The lunch diet plan is filled with protein like mushrooms, turkey bacon, Ezekiel bread, and also 2 scrambled eggs on bread on top red peppers. Also mixed with tomatoes, spinach, avocado, and grass-fed butter.

Dinner: Avocado, hemp seeds, 6 oz ground turkey chili and red and green bell peppers and also cup beans ¼, along with chili pepper and cayenne pepper.

Dessert: Chia Seeds 1 tbsp, agave, and Greek Yogurt.

Ronda Rousey discussing diet:

Ronda Rousey Diet