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Simmba Ranveer Singh

The upcoming movie of Ranveer Singh which is directorial of Rohit Shetty. This is the first time when KJO’s production coming along with Rohit Shetty. The movie is also starring Jhanvi Kapoor daughter of Sridevi and Boney Kapoor.

Revealing Ranveer’s fitness mantra and diet plan. Simmba Ranveer Singh has a fit and healthy body and holding one of the best physiques in the Bollywood. He is also known for his ultimate acting skills and dialogue delivery. In a very short span of time, he has become favorites of many Bollywood directors. Everyone wants to work with him. He has many choices of movies. He too tries his best as he is doing his first movie.  His last movie #Padmavatwas a blockbuster and face too many controversies.

We always bring you with the latest workout routine and diet plan from the Bollywood desk. Check out for your favorite Bollywood Star as well as Hollywood star. Follow Bollywood Sensational Fitness mantra to stay healthy and fit.

Simmba Ranveer Singh

Ranveer’s Regular workout, fitness mantra, and diet plans have made him one of the hottest and the sexiest stars of the Bollywood film industry. The Secret behind his fitness is a Daily workout and dietary plans are one of the factors that make him so active and fit and busy even in his tight schedule. The fitness freak actor following even more strict lifestyle regime to manages his physique. Every other director talks about his Amazing fitness and lifestyle.

Simmba Ranveer Singh BodyBuilding Meal Chart 

  • Breakfast: Morning with water, coffee, white part of Egg, brown bread
  • Lunch: Turkey, 2 eggs, salad, Fruits, oatmeal, chicken sandwich
  • Snack: Eat Fruits, oatmeal, Vegetables.
  • Dinner: bell pepper, green beans, Corn, brown rice, salads.

 Body Building Tips

  • Doing the workout perfectly when doing wrong it can damage your body instead of building it.
  • Never skip any of the workout Routine session, Always do exercise that will be decided by his trainer.
  • Do not try everything on the first day of the workout. Create stamina and then power.
  • Always take the best diet after and before gym workout.
  • Try to reduce Stress and need to be mentally strong to carry out the workout session daily.
  • Listening to high beats music helps to push your mind and body for best power exercise.
  • Your body needs the proper amount of rest as well. Have a sound sleep is very important for the healthy body.

Watch what Ranveer is suggesting his fans!

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