Get latest celebrity fitness diet and also check Actor Vijay Six Pack Abs Workout. Tamil Actor Vijay Diet Plan for the upcoming movie Thalapathy 62. This tamilian actor Joseph Vijay popularly known as Vijay in Tamil Film Industry follows a Healthy Diet Meal Plan for getting a muscular body. Watch Vijay Abs Workout and Exercise Routine Video.

Vijay Six Pack Abs Workout

Today we share Tamil Actor Vijay Workout Routine and Diet Plan with you. Vijay strictly follows his exercise routine and follow some great health tips, fitness tips with all the important workout as per the movie demand. Also, the weight loss tips are essential for the guys who want the best weight loss diet and other diet meal plan. Vijay workout routine & Vijay diet chart for his upcoming movie Thalapathy 62. The amazing diet plan and workout routine of Vijay are available here with other health diets plan which includes low carb diet and high protein diet. Also, follow fitness tips, health fitness tips and exercise tips here.

The popular name in Tamil Film Industry “Vijay” has some unique exercise routine and physical training of Vijay is regular. As he follows the abs workout training program earlier. Vijay for the upcoming movie Thalapathy preparing for six-pack abs. Now you will see Vijay in the Tamil movie Thalapathy scheduled to release in theatres in November 2018. The Actor Vijay abs workout and weight loss for the upcoming Tamil movie is amazing and you can see the body difference when you see the movie. Here you will also find Vijay Six Pack Abs Workout Diet and Vijay Exercise Routine with all important workout schedule and other details of the movie.

Tamil Actor Vijay Six Pack Abs Workout

Vijay, a Tamilian actor coming up with his latest movie “Thalapathy” and Vijay workout training is going well and working so hard to get six pack abs. The movie also starring Keerthy Suresh in lead. Check out Keerthy Suresh workout routine here. After the success of action movie mersal, Vijay is now busy with his upcoming filmThalapathy 62”. This movie is produced by Sun Pictures. Vijay Daily workout routine that helps him to gain this Amazing fitness. Today we will show you the Secret behind his fitness that makes him so active and fit. The fitness freak actor following even more strict lifestyle regime to manages his physique.

  • Vijay starts his body training with full-body exercise.
  • He does both the strength training and functional fitness workout.
  • Vijay exercise training and exercise depends on the strength and muscles pain.
  • He also does a 20-25 minute’s cardio exercise such as cycling, running, and jogging.
  • Several sets of stomach crunches were performed for toning the abdominal muscles.

Vijay Six Pack Abs Workout

Vijay Diet Plan

Breakfast: The diet plan of Vijay starts with drinking lot of water (2-3 glasses). After the workout, he opts for blackberries with coconut water for breakfast. The diet follows with a bowl of fruits, 1/4 cup raisins, peanut butter 1 tbsp and sometimes oatmeal.

Lunch: The lunch diet plan is filled with protein like mushrooms, turkey bacon, brown bread, and also 2 white eggs. Also, a fresh green salad made of tomatoes, spinach, avocado, and cucumber.

Dinner: Chapati, Dal, 1/2 cup beans and sometimes vanilla dessert.

Important Note: Actor Vijay follows the exercise and diet under professional advice. So, don’t try at home without any expert help. Thank You for reading. if you like the article, please share with your friends.