AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1 to make people aware of AIDS every year. So that people avoid this incurable disease. On 9th July 1986, the first AIDS patient was killed in a hospital in Mumbai. Many organizations across the world are working hard to make people aware of this dangerous disease “AIDS”. No treatment for the dangerous disease like AIDS could be found.

Death due to AIDS

The death of an Indian actress was also due to the disease. The matter had taken considerable attention from the media. Not just this celebrity but today we are going to tell you about some famous people who died due to AIDS. Let’s know.

death due to AIDS

Nisha Noor

From the 80’s era, a south actress Nisha Noor was a popular name. Big stars like Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan also wanted to work with her. At that time, Nisha Noor acted in many films. But it is said that she was pushed into a prostitution by a producer. After which she had left the film industry forever due to defamation. Several years later, Nisha was found badly in the street. When the surrounding people admitted him to the hospital then it was found that she had AIDS. Nisha lost the battle of life in 2007. According to a leading website, when Nisha was found near Nagor’s dargah, she was crawling worms and ants on his body.


Pedro Pablo Zamora

Pedro Pablo Zamora

When Homosexuality was considered to be a crime in the US, Pablo was a man who openly accepted of being a gay that time. Pablo and his gay partner Sean Sasser suffered from AIDS. Pablo spoke genuinely on MTV’s popular show The Real World: San Fransisco on his illness and gayness. His death took place on November 11, 1994. On this day, the last episode of his reality show was also on air. After some time his partner had also died.


Jia Sarangi

Jiya Sarangi, an American model worked for almost every world’s top brands. At the age of 26, this model became infected with AIDS. At one time she had reached the peak of the world. But then she became addicted to drugs, due to which the graph of her career started falling. Due to pneumonia, she was admitted to the hospital, where doctors found HIV virus in her body. She died shortly after this.


death due to AIDS

Arthur Ashe

Arthur Ashe, a great tennis player who was the first player to lead his team in the US Davis Cup. He has also won the US Wimbledon for his country. After knowing about being infected with AIDS, Arthur took many steps to make people aware of AIDS. In 1993, he died due to illness.


Ricky Wilson

A well-known name in the American Music Industry is Ricky Wilson. Ricky plays guitar for the popular band B52. In 1983, he came to know that he was positive with HIV status. Two years after his illness, he died.

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