Dengue Bites again as 15 Lives Lost in AP in a Single Day

The dengue fever has rise again. The Dengue Bites fever caught fifteen lives altogether in a single day within three districts of Andhra Pradesh on Friday. The people whom dengue cause were from  Nellore, Prakasam, and Palnadu , Guntur district. Nellore has witnessed a total of 10 people death. While three in Prakasam and other two were from Guntur. The cases were came to know from Nellore. Later the Nellore district medical and health officer sundaram said that in the season of monsoon no cases of death recorded out of 175 cases.

One of the person in village said that in Every family there’s one member who has caught by dengue fever. And private hospitals are looting them and taking the benefit of these condition.

The health officials were send to take immediate care of the condition and provide and maintain the best of the specality which is supposed to.

The dengue’s mosquito breeds in cleart water, and mosquitos which causes dengue are aedes agypti mosquito.

Mosquito bites causes the viral fever well known as Dengue. The symptoms for the dengue fever are headache, high fever and body pain. Anyone found any of the symptoms may inform the nearest clinic or hospital.

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