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A cricketer who has the ability to measure the world with a cricket pitch, who has tied cricket fans in the yoke of magic from his game, we know him as Virat Kohli. Whereas Virat means wonderful, the same Viraat which is extraordinary, the same Viraat which is unimaginable. That’s why this star of the cricket world is a brand name today. Virat Kohli, who became a name for the audience in the trouble watch, remained on the field till the time. Team India stays in front of the ground to remove the needle from the mountain. Captain Kohli captures a lot in the three formats of cricket. He does amazing batting and enjoys cricket in all three formats. Kohli’s name is discussed in the fastest way from statistics to book records to record books.

Virat Kohli has given Indian cricket a pace. Saurav Ganguly was the key to passion in cricket. The actual work of redemption is being done by Dhoni and now Kohli is under the captaincy. Kohli is the wizard of both the wrists and strokes.

Speaking of figures

The rapidly growing count of centuries and any record in every series is proof of these things. When Kohli’s bat runs, then the conditions of the bowlers come on the field. You will be surprised to see how Kohli drives the success in his steps by seeing how someone plays on the field. But there are many tales of struggle behind it. Found a name from the world of cricket, got money, got fame, standing on the field of cricket, Kohli was reported to have left the father’s world. Then the frustration was broken but the only freshman turned Kohli into a lot of courage. Today Kohli’s footsteps are filled with happiness around the world.

15 personal stories of Kohli that become the success story

1. Kohli was playing the match at the time of his lawyer father’s death

⇒ When Kohli was asked to go with the family immediately, but Kohli was not willing to leave his team in the crisis. This was the same match when Virat Kohli returned to Pavilion by nervous nineteen after being a victim of the wrong decision of the umpire.

personal stories of Kohli

2. Kohli does amazing in every format of cricket

⇒ Kohli does a fantastic job in every format of the game. Critics also get entangled in the count of runs coming out of his bat. Cricket is the religion in our country, so Kohli is slowly becoming the new God of cricket now.

personal stories of Kohli

3. Name of trust in the eyes of the viewer of cricket

⇒ During several occasion of time, Kohli brought India out of the crisis condition. That is also not a single time but in many times. His status in Indian Team is assumed to that if Kohli out that means half of the team out.

4. Ask Kohli’s love for cricket or the only way to career

⇒ After 12th, Kohli never saw the face of the school. It’s a matter of time … At any time, star bowler Ashish Nehra once gave the award for the best performance in the school. How did Nehra know then that one day he will play in Team India in the captaincy of Kohli and the departure from cricket will also be in the captaincy of Kohli.

personal stories of Kohli

5. There have been many such records and figures in their names so far

⇒ So far, many such records and figures have made their names which are not in their part even after retiring from many biggies cricket. Kohli’s floor is quite different. The path is different. It is also different that there are many struggles in these paths. By the way, those who are close to him say that the struggle is settled in the blood of Kohli.

6. Kohli has excelled in the image beyond the field

⇒ Kohli has created his image in a great way beyond the field. In many cases, he has expressed his point of view on social issues from time to time. Which makes them stand in a different line than the rest of the cricketers. Only then do we say Kohli is amazing.

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7. Virat Kohli has a special thing to fight

⇒ A special thing in Virat Kohli is that it is a habit of not being defeated. Standing in the field, Kohli did not accept anything except the victory. All these things have made Virat Kohli a great one in world cricket.

8. When received Player of the Tournament

⇒ Kohli has scored 273 runs and got Player of the Tournament in the Year 2016 T-20 World Cup but unfortunately, India lost. Kohli was not present on the field to receive the award.

personal stories of Kohli

9. In the 2011 World Cup, Virat Kohli became part of India

⇒ In the 2011 World Cup, Kohli team became part of India, on major occasions such as World Cup, Kohli scored an unbeaten century against Bangladesh and recorded his presence. New Indian cricketer Kohli scored 283 runs in total. This was the same World Cup in which India had won 28 years later. Kohli had remembered the same victory by tweeting even after 6 years.

10. Kohli is the most spectacular and golden year of cricket’s life year 2016

⇒ Kohli was one of the most spectacular and golden years of cricket life. In this year, Kohli scored 1200 runs in Test cricket. In 2015-16, Kohli played tremendously in all the formats of the game. Coming up to seventeen years, Kohli began to bind his record in every match. In the first week of December, he became the first cricket captain of the world, with a consistent double century against Sri Lanka. Who has scored double century in Test cricket six times.

personal stories of Kohli

11. Equal with Sachin Tendulkar

⇒ Equal with Sachin Tendulkar, neither brother nor Sachin Tendulkar, on the point of equality, Virat Kohli had said in an interview that after seeing the bat in his hands, he used to win the ground. It cannot equal or it feels good. In this same interview, Kohli remembered the first incident in the dressing room with the incident of Sachin and said that for the first time in the dressing room, Sachin was told to Kohli that for the first time he came to play a match. He bowed in the feet of Tendulkar and took blessings … Surely he was a cricketer … Virat Kohli

12. Name as “Chiku”

⇒ His name Chiku which was given by his coach in his earlier days of cricket. Now the world and his team call him with this cheeky name.

13. The BCCI also believes in Kohli

⇒ The BCCI also believes in Kohli. The result of not paying attention to the criticism of the critics is the result of keeping the focus on cricket that the BCCI also believes in Kohli, only after Dhoni Kohli was handed the captaincy. Kohli is also doing well in captaincy – he does whatever he does, he makes unbeaten.

14. ICC Cricketer of the Year at the age of 23

⇒ The result of being ICC’s Cricketer of the Year at the age of 23 years is that the ICC awarded him the ICC Cricketer of the Year at the age of 23.

personal stories of Kohli

15. Sharing life with Anushka Sharma

⇒ Virat Kohli has always been popular with his relation with Anushka Sharma. And on December 11th, 2017 he knotted with Anushka Sharma.

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